Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • dimas

i think its good phone and im using it for the last 2 months and no problem at all. i used 3310 for 4 years and amazingly no trouble at all. good job nokia !!!

  • vipul

it should have a FM Radio

  • sasank

hi,u 6600 lover.can any one give me any idea about ogg playes mp3 wich we can set as ringtone and it takes half the memory than that of mp3 if saved in that format.if any one have this one pls mail me to have rest all the software i can send u.thanks

  • $u$pect

u can get a software to play n-gage games on 6600 its really cool fone also megadrive look for blzapp.sis and picodrive.sis

  • mym

i am offered an upgrade from Nokia 6600 to Nokia 6230 or Sony Ericsson k700..which is better.can someone tell me.i need to decide.

  • boxer79

There is un application-Fm Radio;it work's;
only for GPRS/WAP;It is possible to put TV tuner on your 6600;only via GPRS/WAP

  • boxer79

if the MMC was formated with another mobile,even 6230 or another mobile seies 6.0,that MMC it can't be formated with 6600.(because it use another system operat.-Symbian)

  • Usman

Yea there is default movie recording upto 9-10 seconds. U can install "Philips Camcoder Pro" on 6600 for upto the memory movie recording.

  • Kenneth

PLs I have a problem with my memory card and I need someone to help me with the formatting code for 6600.Its really urgent cos I cant even play games with my fon no more.Thanks

  • Francis Mhilu

My Nokia 6600 video recorder records only for 9 sec, how can I record for at least 1 min? PLease help.

  • Amms

For FM radio u will have to buy the compatible nokia radio headset HS-12. However, there is no way put FM radio into the software of the phone, since the hardware will need to change... which is virtually impossible!

  • bmd1986

Can anywane tell me if u can put fm radio on to 6600?please answer me!

  • jim

i did plan on getting this phone but when my old twaty mate got one i decided i wouldnt but i am thinking about getting the next modal up

  • Anoud

I HATE THIS PHONE!!! I hate the design i hate the features and everything about it, i dunno why everybodys craaaaazy bout It! i got bored of nokia phones honestly... they all have the same options, same style, same faetures,,,, maybe only the design changes lil bit!

  • mavoro

how long can it video and how good are the ring tones?

  • gurL_nextdoor

hey ninja, i can say that 7610 is much better that 6600. the features of 6600 is thesame like 7650. but 6600 is cool. and 7610 is advanCe....

  • vjjjj

hi guys,
can any one tell me where we can download mp3player and video recorder software for nokia6600

  • ninja

lovely mobile, slightly slow, but excellent screen, lots of appln available to enhance the use of the mobile... unfortunately it got stolen... ppl, this is bangalore,India, city of cell-lifters.... first day i entered the city, my brand new mobile gets stolen from my pant pocket... to top it, nokia says they cant lock it, only i could have changed the security code, so the mobile's as good as gifted to the thief. Plus nokia's stopped giving insurance from this year, so my mob worth 15k is gone completely and i can't do anything about it... Can anybody help me, is there any way of re-locating it?

  • Daniel

Which phone is better ? 6600 or 7610 , their features almost the same . But if say design , 6600 not tht unique . So guys and gurs , gimme ur opinion because i dun wan buy wrong phone again since i bought N-Gage QD !!! Thanks :D

  • Shawn

This is the best cell in its price category.
Its gotta cool,clean,convenient screen and all the required things u need like mp3 player,bluetooth,email etc.Nice and reliable phone.