Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • murat palaz

Please send me nokia 6600 photo gallery

  • aysem piril

nokia 6600 is the best phone I've ever used

  • Bimbo

How can u people say this piece of plastic is beautiful?R u people blind?I guess not Nokia isnīt doing enough.I the Finn has been drinking too much Koskenkorva(Finnish National Drink),that's the why their phone looks like this.Just try some Sagem,Motorola,SonyEricsson or maybe Sharp.

  • Vini

This is most superior phone i ve ever use the ulimate gadget with ultimate features.The only thing which is missing in this phone is FM Radio & Mp3 player

  • shamel

i am very like this mobail because it is very very beutiful

  • memo


  • tung

  • Panda

oh yes and everyone asking for free software for all sorts of stuff.take 10 min looking with google and u will be stop asking someone else to do the hard work.i found like 5 examples of the camcorder programme so fast i thought i was looking with the wrong keywords.

  • Panda

the covers can be changed, however if ur phone stuffs out and u send it in 2 be fixed and they find that the covers been tampered with.Waive goodbye 2 ur warranty.
the covers arent like the snap on ones of previous phones.
So b carefull.
im not taking the risk of having to pay for repairs if i change the cover myself.

  • Panda

sorry, u got me stumped there.u cant move the file to another directory then try to delete it?im just trying any idea now.try move it to the mmc card then format it.

  • Slayer_boxer

This phone is the greatest phone i've ever bought!!!!I must say it's even better than any other phones in the market!!!

  • ajibola

pls can anybody pls send me games,themes,unlimited video recording or any cool stuff and recieve a handsom reward.

  • jason

also your video is very jerky resolution wise. need to improve on it, but very good to see that the 6600 takes a memory card at the least to say.

  • jason

It's too expensive for just a VGA camera and a 65K TFT screen. Nokia you can do better than this!!!!! Technology is there to put a 256K screen and at least a 1meg pixel camera but too much corners cut... sad, very sad Nokia.......... I rather have your phone from the early 80's, they're well built and tough, excellent quality compared to the one you market now.

  • Vishal

If your not im much of a favour about 3660, then this is sure better than the 3660, because the 6600 is lighter, smaller, but just a little costlier.

  • Khuram

Any one who wants to buy softwares, games, themes etc for 6600 just contact me. You will get a cd with over 150 softwares including unlimited video recording, movie players, mp3 players, camera zoom, ir remote, messenger, blacklist etc etc all working and over 50 games and themes and about 1200 poly tones. These things cost a lot but you will get this cd delivered to you very cheaply.

  • sultan

the phone is so good

  • cOw_kEEper

ermmm can anyone of u tell mi can i use a RS mmc on this nokia 6600??? And can 6600 support a 256mb or 512mb mmc without any problem???


Dear Sir,
Your products are good, please how can i buy one from ur company. I'm a Nigeria citizen.Please give me the necessary information i need. Thanks

  • Taki Navsad Ali

hey nice pic 6600 i like