Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • Daniel

is there a mp3 player on this pfone?


BEST MOBILE. As concern with features and price. No comparison. NOKIA is the BEST.

  • Dinesh kalra

on the quarry of ayman i want to say that there is no cable for 6600 that could connect with pc. you can connect it either with ir or bluetooth device.
for quarry from ahmad first install nokia pcsuit, ir or bluetooth device on pc. select proper port on pc in my pc it is com3. then make connection with pc and your baby. it wll ask for the pin give same pin for pc and 6600. say yes to 6600 when prompt. now connection it ready.
for ezalya 01 i could say that the life of battery is the main problem. otherwise it is cool.

  • omidiran lanre

this is a nice phone.i wish to have one.

  • ayman Mostafa

hi there i want to ask if there is a cable for the nokia 6600 that could link it to the computer .....thanks


there is no Radio FM transmision and video recorder time is too short compare with Nokia 3660

  • abcdefg

can this phone play mp3 as ringtones?

  • aya

which fone is better to byt now, 6600 or P800?

  • Ali

Hello ....i think NOKIA is the father of al other companies in making mobile fones Nokia is the BEST EASY TO USE AND BEAUTIFUL ....

  • Ahmad

hey everyone...i need some info on how to connect this baby 2 my pc?? help anyone??


can any one tell me the details about the video camera and hanging problem in nokia 6600


thanks you

  • Panda

Nearly forgot
Nokia have fixed the bug with the dodgy video quality and picture viewfinder.Quality is amazing!!!!
Only the video length is still 10 sec, Im looking to find a remedy anyone keen to add some tips....
Cheers Panda

  • Panda

Just to check if the applications arent stored on the mmc card.Take out the card and swicth the phone back on.check all the aplications.Might take a while to do that. If they all seem fine then obviously its all kept on the phone memory.So u can go ahead and format the card.I was fooling around and i deleted one option in one of the games(silly me).
Be careful everyone, dont just press buttons :)


  • Panda

I think the only option is to format the mmc.All aplications are stored on the Internal memory.I just got my phone today and theres no problem like that with mine.Ive deleted the Photos and clips and ive got a full 30 mb, i thought it was 32 anyways.I didnt format the card though,i just deleted the data individually.Take your phone back to the dealer u got it from and give them hell.maybe that 20 mb is corrupt, try and get a new one.
good luck.

  • sri

hey ken,
this phone can play mp3. what u got to do is just download the pc suite software from the cd. then using datacable or bluetooth or infrared u can transfer these mp3 files into the phone.the mp3s occupy lesser space than u think.the mp3 is automatically converted into the wav format.

  • Ken

Can this original phone play MP3 songs with the realone player?

  • iuli

which phone is better: n6600 or n6230? can somebody answer to me? thanks!

  • yaw

How many min video recording does the 6600 does?

  • elya

can anyone tell me pros and cons 6600?