Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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hey ,
anyone can help me with the new price list of nokia phones... including 6600..mail me

  • vikas

this fone hangs a lot
this fone hangs

  • Harry

Can anyone tell me the site frm where i cn download free softwares for my 6600 plz help me

  • Joyce

does the 6600 have voice dial?

  • hamoudi

this is my mobil.

  • antonics

i heard that the 660 hangs? anyone know what version software is the one that hangs or has bugs in it? type *#0000# to find out. thanks

  • Jayant

I bought a nokia 6600. Its a nice phone! now i wanted to connect my phone with my PC via infrared. I don't know how can i do that. can u plz tell me this. E-mail me if u got my answer.

  • Amit monga

Ok,I like the phone but the ringtones (even the pre-loaded) are not good enough. Even after u hv spent so much , the ringtones are bulls**t. the downloaded tunes also don't sound good.Even a simple phone like T610 sounds more shrill . Nokia learn from SE engineers .

  • ahmed

hi every body i asked if anybody knows anything about the radio software of 6600 so if anybody knows anything about radio kindly tel me. Ogg player is the ultimate solution for mp3 playing on this fon i am using it and its works just fine. Good day.

  • CybaTronX

Thanks Panda! I went through the details but found nothing taking up the space. The MMC came preloaded with 3 Video (BMW X3 Impression, Enhancements, and Applications) and a few images. They totally occupied around 1 MB. So that 20 MB is still missing. Now the only thing left are those preloaded extra application like wayfinder etc. But where are these applications actually saved ? in the phone or the MMC?


  • Panda

The card comes with stuff already preloaded.Such as video clips and other pics by nokia.I think ur able to go and view the contents of the card like a filesystem and you should be able to view what stuff is taking ur space.If no luck just copy ur photos to PC and format the card.

  • robbie

hi, its a verygood phone because i could work from home with it,but my problem is that how can i connect it with my laptop and i tryed but ot needed a host address,so i fit possible please give me a host address
thank you.

  • CybaTronX

Hi everyone! Can anyone tell me where to get the software for 6600? And another thing is... when i bought my 6600, my memory card had 21 MB already used. When I saw the detail of the memory usage it counted up only to about 1 MB which was due to the pics I shot. So can anyone help me with this ? Where is the remaining 20 MB going !?!? What should do to correct this? Thank You!

  • PhanBang

I want price list nokia

  • msht

I was unable to connect my 6600 to PC with BlueTooth, using software included in CD. May some one helps me. please.

  • Anonymous


  • she15

I purchased my nokia 6600 last june 30 and i was really amazed by its features this is my 10th phone already and i never switched to any manufacturer its all nokia and i really like nokia simply because it is so user friendly and its really really handy just what nokia is always telling us NOKIA CONNECTING PEOPLE iam really enjoying its features and applications thanks nokia and more power

  • Panda

Im gettin the 6600 next week.Just 1 question, is the video lenght still limited to 10 secs?If its is,where can 1 go and get new software that gets around this.Ive heard you can download stuff but where can you find it????

  • ahmed

any body knows any thing about the radio software for 6600

  • kamal

this product by nokia is a real masterpiece.stylish elegant and aboveall the best of both the world.i am really proud to own it