Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • ahmed

any body knows any thing about the radio software for 6600

  • kamal

this product by nokia is a real masterpiece.stylish elegant and aboveall the best of both the world.i am really proud to own it

  • Lee

Im selling one if anyones interested?
£200, 2 months old, boxed and complete
02392 554599

  • umar

i have got the oggplayer but kindly tell me how can i convert mp3 files on my pc to ogg files to load and play in the phone
plus i got a recognizer.sis file with the ogg zip file so tell me wot is this file and is it safe to install oggplayer on my fone kindly tell me

  • talianu dora

it is the best phone ever,i was inlove with it the minute i saw it!I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!!THANK YOU NOKIA!!!

  • Xavier

Nokia has once again loaded a phone with plenty of features that we have come to love (bluetooth, camera, games, text, etc…) the 6600 for the most part is a good phone at best. The 6600 will occasionally freeze lasting for periods up to 15 seconds and even powering itself off/on. This is the same identical problem some Nokia 3650 users report frequently. Nokia is the leader in the cell phone industry, which is why I have come to expect more from the 6600 operating system.

  • piet

I just tried that software ! Bought a MSI Bluetooth PC2PC USB plugin also knows as a Bluetooth DONGLE .. for about R290 (about 20 usd if u buy it in america :P) loaded the oggplayer from IT WORKS LIKE A DREAM! converted my music with dbpoweramp (website is at with the ogg converter and then sent it to my phone. scanned my phone with oggplayer.. and now i doubt I will be able to sleep!! oggvorbis makes the files half the size of mp3 so u can keep ur favourite songs on with the standard 32 meg card that u are given!! you dont need a bigger memory card (or do I speak too early!) Support open source software! I doubt I could get a product this good even if I PAID for it!!

This is a great phone (almost like a super computer nowadays) the downside is getting software for it.. but Im sure there are more out there! as this oggplayer is great, and its free!

  • Paulo silva

simply the best phone on the market

  • phil

FOR all of u who want a mp3 player that u dont have to pay for.. I found the solution! OggPlayer, they are basically the equivelant to mp3's just .ogg u can convert them on ur pc and then load them onto your 6600 !! whats more its FREE !! the program is 120kb :D enjoy!!

  • Francesca Wiggins

my mum has just bought a nokia 6600 & i am so jelous of hers cos i want 1 but i do like most of your phones.

  • mr suave

can any one send me a mp3 player for my 6600

  • yousuf

hi.i am thinking to buy it in a day.plz tell me whether it comes with mmc and nokia pc suite

  • sabri

to sharik
If you have desktop pc you must buy an usb bluetooth device or usb infrared device. Install its software to your pc.
Activate appropriate icon in 6600 connectivity side.Enjoy.

  • sharik

pls somebody tell me how to connect 6600 with the pc so I can transfer my photos to my hdisk. thanks

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever! perfect phone!!

  • nora

I tried to install MP3 application via infrared port. I got problem during installation so I abort the installtion process. My problem is under my in-box message there the message "infrared device-Mp3Go..." still appeared. I tried to clear it from my in-box by presssing 'delete'. It prompted me ' Already in use!' but I thought I've already abort the installation so the installation will be cancel. So how come I still could not delete the application msg send via infrared to my in-box messages? Anyone, kindly pls help?

  • nora

MP3 can be downloaded in 6600 by surfing to Do I need to pay for the software donloaded??

  • Neesh

Great phone,looks are not to bad actually the phone is quite stylish,nokia best seller in South Africa.My opinion SE have run into a brick wall with there phones they are trying to hard to top Nokia.Can anyone tell me how to use mp3 files as my ringtone and if software is needed what site can i get it from,thanx

  • surfer

yes you can download mp3 in n6600 just simply install the mp3 player first so you could play the files. go to and check thru their installable softwares.

  • yandine

i really like the nokia 6600 phone, but the problem is, its too expensive, i can't afford it.would you give it to me for free?ill be so happy..thanks!more power!!