Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • SS

Great phone! A good improvment to 3650 phone. Better screen, more compact size, added voice commands, more memory. I wander if the speakerphone is stereo?
Overall well done!

  • Hans

u all just stupid..
Nokia doing research to come out with sophisticated technology, not just simply put the products to the market...
darn u all, be wise next time.... :p
u all say fuck to Nokia, but i bet u all had used this Nokia phone.... come on guys!!!


Nokia is the best .. best mobile phones ever! Nokia fucker you are GAY GET A LIFE!

  • Nils

For those who want the price: around 500 euro

  • Nils

Nice phone! Could be my next one!

  • Nokia fucker

Fuck Nokia,65K screen........look like 4098 screen from philips hahahahaha.

Nokia is always behind this technologie.....let see what SE bring out.

  • hitman

they shood be more colors

  • felix

i am 3650 user,,but now if 6600 available,,i might replace is one can bit,,nokia is number 1..specially in the philippines..great job nokia..hope the price level in 3650/7650...

  • agent k

the only nokia i even might buy......4 now...........