Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • ingrid

yeah,that's very good handphone that i see but i don't know how much is the price ?

  • Anonymous

Piece of Brick !!!

  • sx1 lover

still sx1 will be the best

disappointed product from nokia S60

  • Anonymous

Ooooo mine god!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a Neonode model or SX1 from Siemens.

Nokia copy's always from others,like SE,Siemens or Neonode.

The layout is from Siemens SL55 and the Model is from Neonode or Siemens SX1 and the yostick is from SE T68i.

About innovation spoken,sure Nokia buy 'n SE phone and take a look how their can copy it.

SE kicks Nokia in their ass........soon.

Say no to Nokia

  • CrossBlade

lol I think this is not good cell phone. Nokia still doesn't have any "smart" phone except Communicators. SE P800 rulz ! If Nokia make new Communicator ...

  • SS

Great phone! A good improvment to 3650 phone. Better screen, more compact size, added voice commands, more memory. I wander if the speakerphone is stereo?
Overall well done!

  • Hans

u all just stupid..
Nokia doing research to come out with sophisticated technology, not just simply put the products to the market...
darn u all, be wise next time.... :p
u all say fuck to Nokia, but i bet u all had used this Nokia phone.... come on guys!!!


Nokia is the best .. best mobile phones ever! Nokia fucker you are GAY GET A LIFE!

  • Nils

For those who want the price: around 500 euro

  • Nils

Nice phone! Could be my next one!

  • Nokia fucker

Fuck Nokia,65K screen........look like 4098 screen from philips hahahahaha.

Nokia is always behind this technologie.....let see what SE bring out.

  • hitman

they shood be more colors

  • felix

i am 3650 user,,but now if 6600 available,,i might replace is one can bit,,nokia is number 1..specially in the philippines..great job nokia..hope the price level in 3650/7650...

  • agent k

the only nokia i even might buy......4 now...........