Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600

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  • EdB

A legend. I used this phone for four years. Lots of heavy internet use and Opera browser. Truly a classic smartphone.

  • jen

price of 6600 cellphone here in sm bicutan

  • jen

price of 6600 cellphone

  • Harikrishnan

Its a perfect phone in early days.. All though i brought second hand phone, it is working amazingly like new phone Because symbian has full format facility.. Even 7210supernova 2700classic are not able satisfy us comparing with this.. All i've to tell is, symbian 3rd and 5th edition phones are the best phones for newly users ..
Symbian is not a dead os, it next to android..
It is working good in all applications..

  • R H

FEELS LIKE mwriting obituary of this (MY) best phone 2have till date. remember buying it ona very rainy day on july 31, 2004. took just half an hour of journey on my way back home to get a hang of this sweet piece of engineering, that 2without reading d manual. i thing i never forgave nokia was that a radio was never added to this phone. i searched day & night high & low on the internet if i could install one. alas a i got enlightet that it is not a software but rather a hardware component that would make it possible to hear fm. USED it till december 2006, AND bought myself a HTC PM300. A FRIEND of mine took the phone from me saying DAT he has forgotten his N72 in his office, used it & used it never thought of returning it back. from feb 2009 i never saw the 6600 after this .i was told that d phone has been dropped &is not working. my heart sank. he claimed 2have given for repairs & 1OF my friends gf madefun that its gone to finland 4repairs. alas he GAVEit back 2 me IN NON working condition WITHOUT BATTERY.

  • Greggem

It's a great phone! Have been using it since 2004 and still going. Memory Card's not working, but even without it does a great job. Volume is low though. My faithful potato phone :)

  • nokia

mel, 20 Mar 2011this phone is great... this is the phone that i used... and very... morecan anyone tell me how 2 download pics in 6600 mobile....there is no specific transfering equipments r there..

  • mel

this phone is great... this is the phone that i used... and very nice to use.. it can run almost all symbian application, softwares and games.. also java applications and games.. it also have nice themes..

  • amazurai

Just bought an used phone today (15$). It reminded me the first smart phone I used. Still love it.

  • vipul

firstly my mama bought this phone and i m still using this's response is toooo good.i changed it's battery has all the facilities.

  • Ethan

this phone is legend .... few keys rnt working ... there r few dead spots in the display .. I bought this phone in 2005 jan ... after 6 years it is still working ... only changed the battery once .. dropped the at least 50 times .... if I change the keypad it will go another 6 years !!!!!

  • Moni, BD

All story begains(starts) from here, coz it was my first personal phone! It was a great phone! After this I heve used lots of Nokia phone & became a Nokia Fan! But But, now I'm using the HTC Hero!

  • BrownBerry

This phone served me extremely well in the years of 2003-2005. Quite possibly my most favourite phone to date. User Interface was superb, and for it's time it was fully loaded. It also looked the nuts. That is all...

  • AnonD-3171

im used this nice phone from 2004 to longest phone...nice phone..
i have seen this phone used by hrithik a dubai award.

  • Herry

I agree with all positive comments .

  • AnonD-2987

Can i ask?... upto what memory in can expand?.. thanks in advance who answers...

  • Anonymous

this phone was king in the day, they should make a phone similar to it now just with all the latest kicks, agreed?

  • AnonD-2664

the king of all phns first smartphn for the masses used it for 2 year without any prblm it was a rage during its peak time an truly will be remembered as a legend...........

  • yhulz

Amal, 30 Jan 2011hey friends my 6600 works good but it's battery life became very... moreI think ur phone was infected by virus, I suggest this following steps to totally remove the virus and restore full functionality of ur phone. First go to memory card,press option then select format memory card to remove the virus presence in the memory card. To remove the virus in phone memory type *7370*# then restore factory settings appear select yes then passcodes will be asked the defualt passcodes of a nokia 6600 is 12345 enter the passcodes then your phone will restarts, now your phone is free from harmfull virus.

  • yhulz

Nayan, 16 Feb 2011I use it frm many yrs but how great is i have about 20 softwares... moreYes I agree w/ you, I think this is the best phone I ever had.