Nokia 6610

Nokia 6610

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  • Anonymous

i love this phone too.

  • Manel

I love my 6610 phone. I have been using this phone for the last 2 years and still doesnt give any problems at all

  • shana

this phone is for you if you like easy to use, simple and reliable phone. i drop mine like 5 times a day (at least!!!) and ive had it for a few years and only now is it starting to play up. msg memory is more than they say i fit almost 200 before its full.. the 6610i is crap tho my dad had one and it lasted not very long at all.

  • Jessi

this phone is awesome! no problems ever. i've dropped it so many times keeps on going. great phone.

  • Hassan

One of the greatest cell phones ever. I have been using it for 2years now. Have talked with it for exactly 540hours, and its still going great. Although it has slowed down a bit, all the features are perfect. Love it to the Core.

  • VG VAD3R

I'm a true fan of this phone.Its been a fun 2 and a half years i'm using the 6610,and i really think the 6610 is 1 of the best nokia phones ever made.Stylish and elegent 4 ever!

  • Puneet

TRUST ME 6610i(camera one)sucks but 6610 rocks the world man

  • puneet

This is the best phone evermade especially the one with a black colour body
I have never seek a phone having a simple look with great features. The best thing is the radio and the battery backup.I guess nokia made the best phone ever. I will never part with this phone this is gonna be a collector's item TRUST ME

  • Dinesh Rao P

I have been using this phone for past one year. It is really good but I am not able to connect through DUK5 cable so I got an IrDA and am now able to connect to PC through Infrared. It has a very small memory size around 302Kb which is really small it doesnt have a memory expansion slot which I really miss.

  • Bharat Ahuja

This phone is very nice, slim, handy and ofcourse looks good. I can't think of a better phone with all this functions at this weight (84g) and cost (though you don't get a new one now).

  • Masood Mustufa

i m using DKU-5 Cable, Nokia PC Suite Version 6.x (only for WinXP) is working fine with my Nokia 6610 & Nokia 3100. But i cant transfer data to my cell on windows ME and windows 98 with same DKU-5 cable, Nokia PC Suite 5.8 & 4.x. (versions for Win98,ME)

  • Nguyen The Tam

I have just bought DKU-5 cable (with USB interface) in order to copy images and games to my 6610 phone. But the PC Suite (ver 6.7) could not connect the phone !

I have installed Connectivity Cable Driver and PC Suite, those I downloaded from Nokia website.

Please any body can give me an advice?

  • Masood Mustufa

Radio performace is not bad.

  • Masood Mustufa

Yes Nokia 6610 have Stereo FM Radio.

  • Umar

Can anybody tell me about the radio performance? what is the difference in radio of nokia 6030 & this handset.Is it stereo or not. thankssssssss

  • tomtom

hello, i am having a problem with my infrared port. is anyone else having this problem... is there a way to fix it?

  • gurpreet

eailier i was using nokia6260 but battery stand by time was not very good then my friend told me about this phone and i got this for me battery is great with simple looks this is a great phone

  • frogy

i had this phone after having a 8250 so you can tell the this phone was the greatest phone i had in my brother even trow it accidental i the toilet..i was lucky that the toilet was clean!hehehe!i repaired its soft and even now works...i dont own it now any more but my friend owns it but doesnt know about the phones trip into the toilet...wc...

  • Piggy

U get this phone at alfa in vile parle Irla
i got its original black body just to keep it as spare in case i don't get it later and
that to at half the originl price

  • Pankaj

Hi all, I have never seek a phone having a simple look with great features. The best thing is the radio and the battery backup. I have this phone with me for a year and even now the battery lasts for atleast 3 days. I guess nokia made the best phone ever.