Nokia 6610

Nokia 6610

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  • Madhu

My phone has become paralytic after 2 yrs of usage.The left side of my key pad is simply not responding to my keying.

  • reluctant phone sear

all i can say is dont put it in the washing machine, other then that a great phone, served me well...

  • _nicolE

my dad got me a 6610 when i was a senior in high school and it worked great. im a hardcore SMS-er and the letters on the keypad never faded no matter how much i pounded on it. the user interface is easy to understand (i got it in like 5 minutes) and depending on your network, downloading wallpaper is uber easy i run out of prepaid credits in mere hours.

im not much of a gamer so it didnt bother me that it only had two games.

doest get hot on your ear right away (great :)) and SMS-ing is just FANTASTIC.

overall, 9/10

  • azree

this phone is great.. use it more than 2 yrs already and got no problems whatsoever, only the infrared sometimes cannot use.. accidentally drop many times but still functioning great.. superb for the basic phone/sms user...

  • Firemode

6610 has 750kb memory while 6610i has 4mb. Memory shouldnt be a concern as u cant play music or have a camera. Upload stuff from a pc using a dku-5 cable. Using the computers Infra-red would be cheaper as the cable costs a lot.

  • Arnab

iwant to share ringtones from my computer which data cable should i use?
plz reply sharp?

  • burlington

well i have this phone for almost 2 years and i love it,not only with its design but also in its features its so cool...but the problem is i cant use the infrared for transferring files from my phone to one another,it falls 6 times but its still alive,i accedentaly piss on it while im pissing one morning coz im holding it while pissing that time it turns itsefl off,but when turn it on seem like nothing i recommind this phone to everyone whos looking for the best phone....thanks nokia i love this phone..have more power!!!

  • versacchi

anybody know how much phone memory U hv in this phone. dont seem to get it from the features. As for 7250/7250i , its stated as 4MB. How does shared mem works ?

  • kiran

its one of the best phone i ever seen from NOKIA. its a friendly user phone. iam using it from past 3 yrs. the performance is very good and worth for the money you pay.......

  • versacchi

Can someone help me in this on this 6610.
I bot this HP as 2nd hand , and the previous owner has changed the default securitycode. How do I reset the securitycode to default 12345. Has PC suite ver has utility inside to do the resetting, or must I bring the HP to Nokia svc ctr to do it. I dread going to NoK svc ctr 'cos the svc there is sucks !!
Thanks ...

  • Rendy

This phone was my first phone. Everything just fine,no bug no flaw.
One day my 6610 gone weird, I can turn it on. at first I tought the battery was run out. But after 1 day charging, I know something wrong. So I take this to hp rapair, and it said it IC was burned and I have to pay almost like paying full price of this phone. So I decide to buy new cellphone instead. AND IT'S motorola ROKR e1. And I'm happy with it.

  • Tony

I have the nokia 6610 for 5 yrs and it never breaks i really like this phone.its one of the best phone i i have the samsung Z510 but i think the 6610 is way better.You got to buy this phone to believe how good it is.

  • Anonymous

it is my first phone n i m using it from last 2 years. n i m really happy 2 have this phone n consider myself to b lucky to have this phone. lovely apearance, aromatic design
i just love it.

  • Anonymous

dis is the best phone i ever had. i really love this phone. it helps me a lot.

  • fuxiang

used it for 3 years,
suddenly died last night :(

  • Rahul

hi nokia 6610 is really good in so many aspects. except its infrared service.

  • joseph

the phone is pretty good except for the stupid infra red which can only transfer business cards between phones.its camera sucks but radio rocks

  • The Wizard

How much memory does this phone have? pls,answer me!

  • truong

The 6610 suits best my taste. I have used one since 2004. Now as it does not ring any more I'd like to buy quite the same. But regrettably it is not available. I do not want camera. So I won't buy the 6610i. Why does'nt Nokia continue to produce old but excellent model like the 6610?

  • kabron

I got this phone before taking the board exams as a gift last 2004. It retired my old buddy 3310 after almost 3 years. All I can say is it is quite well with simple design(not to flashy) and pretty good features. Got a great fm radio too, all though I dont use it much now since it drains my batt all too quickly. Although it only had 2k+ colors when 65k colored phones were flourishing, still good enough for starters.

Well, after keypad (esp the middle row)dont quite work too well. I shouldnt have played too much back then.hehe