Nokia 6610

Nokia 6610

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  • Anonymous

great phone yes

  • Anonymous

i feel its a sick phone i just used it for 1 week and tht is a 2 yrs age

  • bazo0ka

It says that this model has Temperature, currency, ... where do i find that ?

  • ganesh prasad

yeah this really guuuuuuuuuuud phone...

  • Omer

I have this Phone, but I locked the memory & forgot the password... can anyone help me out on this?

Thanks & Regards


i love this phone very much because of it's great functions like stereo fm radio and infra-red connectivity which are not provided by the other company's in this class of phones.

  • Miss6610

i'm using this phone and it have been 4 years this fone...slim..lite..dunno why it is i have 3 of this fone..hahahaa...funny arr... i have 2 6610 and 1 to keep it...i guess..

  • Suscki

Had this phone for 3 years. Have endured so much torture, poor thing and has now suddenly decided to die. RIP MY DEAR 6610.

  • vachu

a Rugged phone... simple yet so good.. a highly professional model.. even nokia cant dream of a professionally better one than this in looks.. vow i loved using it.. and now upgraded to N72 cos me a hard core Nokia guy..

  • din

a good device.....but i had infrared connection problem coz when receiving data with other phone , it not work , anybody can help me? contact me

  • Arthi

hai 6610 guys;
this hand set is good to look and excellent features but i din have a chance to use it....i took a look of this hand set once ...its good .....thanks to nokia for 6610

  • Goran

This phone is incredible.Not many options but for nice simple phone is probably best ever made.And the quality?:)Sensational I washed the phone in a washing mashine belive or not and it worked like nothing happened

  • dinesh-VAS.HTMT.CHN

if u r a gprs lover
dont use this handset
[its use a random gprs technique!!!!]
it will work at sometime randomly
but not always.................

  • honey

ive been using this phone for two years and six months now to be exact...the word to describe this phone...The BEST!one of the best mms phone from nokia... :) love it!

  • dune

I've had this phone for two years and it has not failed me yet. I've been looking to upgrade for many months, but cannot find a phone more reliable or user friendly. When did the market turn from phones like this to plastic-ey, overcomplicated phones with finnicy features i ask you - give me a 6610 with a 2mp camera any day! lol

  • apurva

6110i. Been using it for a year and a half. changed the panel and it looks new again. Q: how many lives does it have. fell down from the bus. drove the car over it, still works. Dont feel like parting even though market is flooding with new technology and designs. there are some things u cant beat. its like a trustworthy partner u can always rely on.

  • delgado

It is a nice phone, but the sound quality is poor. If the sound quality was superb then this phone would be great. The FM radio is a big plus of course.

  • JOHN

its a good looking phone last year i gifted to my wife and its look like the same sweet small phone

  • sean dmello

i had got this phone justafter my board exams
it works superb only problem memory space should have been more and its really easy to handle and also the best phone in messging
y there is no BLUETOOTH y y y y y y y y y

  • gagoako

one of the forefathers of colored phones! i still had this unit until know. pawned it several times but my conscience always bothered me. nway, great phone! thanks nokia..