Nokia 6610

Nokia 6610

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  • Anonymous

this mobil phone can stand for many years just dont try to change the cover...coz of imitation parts .all the best with nokia

  • Saqib

My First phone! 5 years bAck,never thought of replacing it, Its Awesome!

  • lauricemonette17@yah

i luv this phone....specially the radoi feature..hehe

  • Luvlyee

It's been 4 years now. Other than it doesn't have a camera feature, it's a very good phone.

  • ZerosiX

muh 6610 baby completed 5 yearz today B-) , and it still ROCKZ :P i juz cant stop usin it, i have muh N seriez....n other PDAs too.... somehow... muh FIRST LOVE...i juz cant stop gettin into her :P lolz!!! 3 cheerz for Nokia!!!! 6610 z truly a faithful handset ;)

Peace & Love
ZerosiX :)

  • saurav

one of the gr8est phones ever produced by nokia.... i m using this ph for the past 3yrs ...and believe me, i have talked more than 500hrs using this phone .... still the battery is perfectly fine... i never had a problem for which i have to go to service centre ,..... perfect "value for money" phone .... 6610 rocks..

  • Vaske

Simply the best

  • Pim

This phone was amzing when I had it! Absolutely loved it, until I smashed the screen...

  • Sony Eric

three years from being 6610 ....its super phone ....5 million drop and hit ....thank allah its still the best 1 battary ..once i got it ..... the best of nokia in 6610

  • tom

have it for 3 years. still ok!

this phone does not read temperature. the specs mention that it has a temperature converter [like measurements and weights].

  • Ice Queen (Barbados)

I have had this phone for the past 5 years and its OLe faithful for me. It got run over by a bus and it has taken lots of falls take my word for it, I cant not agree Nokia is the Best. Ole Faithful 6610 I love you.

  • moo moo

Had this phone for 5 years - it's nigh impossible to kill. Lately i've been looking for a new phone - but you know what? This phone is better than all of them!

This little beauty out-performs all the phones released in 2007 so far. I'm laughing all the way to the bank! >D

  • your father

there is writen that this phone has temperature messurment ... where is it ? i can't find it on my phone please help me ...

  • malou

this is my first colored phone and i used it for 4 yrs, i dropped it meters high for several times, dropped in a pail full of water but it is still in good condition until i sold it. keypad was great, and also the speed. i believe in the saying that simplicity is the best thing in the world


  • mostafa

this like we say the best of the best :) i have this fone from 4 years ago !!!

  • Vinod

6610i has a cam; this doesn't.

  • Anonymous

This phone have a camera??
???Please tell me

  • Liam

This phone is the dog for christmas. kids love it. the 10000mp camera makes photos easy to take, and develop. The only downside is that their are 2 many features to handel and yeah. good phoe in general.

  • Anonymous

great phone yes

  • Anonymous

i feel its a sick phone i just used it for 1 week and tht is a 2 yrs age