Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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  • Adnan

hey mrigank pawar, do it again and it will be done, give it to do to the retailer or some1 who sells nokia mobs, dont worry,it will be donr and try it once again.bye

  • chami

Hi, I'm in need of buying a good video camera 4n. 6630 is good, but da size is too big. Can u suggest me a good phone wit rich features which fits with the budget..(not more than $280)? I appreciate ur help! Best of luck - CHAMI

  • kevin

hi im wounderin can u send mp3 songs throught the bluetooth

  • Mrigank Pawar

thanx 4 ur help..i tried evrythng... it's not workin!!!i gues it's a s/w problem...thanx 4 d help anyway...c ya...

  • mark

does anyone here who has a registered 3gp to mpeg converter? how to get it?

  • tazz

hey i wish to know which software wud allow all formats video playing n were can i find it..thnx

  • Adnan

i just want to say about the locking up the phone and when u open u want a pin code to be entered. i know it! listen go to TOOLS > SETTINGS > SECURITY > PHONE AND SIM > then go to autolock period and select user defined and enter the minutes like 1,2,3... it means in how much time it should be locked.then enter the lock code eg: 12345. then it will be activated. but if u want to change the lock code no. then go to lock code and ender the old pin code and then new pin code and then again the new pin code to verify it. thats it!! i want to say that this phone rockzzzz. it has got good sound, camera,memory, good colour display, graphics and lotz more.

  • Mrigank Pawar

hi...i've been usin dis fone since nov.05.a great fone..i guess d best fone by nokia so doubt is,i wan 2 lock my fone wit d pin code,so dat wen i lock my keypad,i should b able 2 unlock it ONLY by puttin d code...u get me?i tried pushin d power button,scrollin up and select the 'lock phone' option.i also put d default code isnt workin...can any1 please help me do it???PLZ PLZ PLZ.6630 RULZ!!!

  • castor troy

nice size,nice features,nice memory,nice resolution,nice audio,nice video, in other words....nice phone!got one of these guys for three years and i love usin it.

  • Ishaat

Great fone for many reasons!!! More features than I ever need! Just one problem. I can't seem to get a video player which can play all the different file formats for me. I got Smartmovie 3.12 but it only plays avi's and divx formats. The built in Real Player will just play RM and 3GP files. Does anybody know of any video players with support for Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4 & WMV file formats? A reply will be greatly appreciated. For those of u who want a lot of freebees, check out!!
Many Thanks,

  • fantastic porn

elo sirs what comes in a brand new package of 6630?

does it include a haeadset,data cable,adapter, cd?

what ia an adapter for by the way? hehe

Im gonna buy a 2nd hand unit so I really need to know

so that I know that I wont be gimped hehe

thanks in advance sirs

  • Master Fly

I jus got ma nokia 6630 nd i think it is gr8 but wot is da point of being able to take off the camera lense on the back cover???????

  • day

it is only mono mp3 player in external but in headphone it is stereo.......can we make dis stereo output?

  • sleepless

is nokia 6630 better than samsung x700. mp3 and camera wise. its almost same price here in Bangladesh.

  • Row^roW

To raaj. That is not a light. That is an LDR. Its job is to regulate the ligt of the mobile phone. therefore battery will serve more. cheers

  • raaj

what is the light like thing which is appeared in the top of the handset(6630) is it a light or someother stuff let me know


  • Windyania

If you want to know how can u use 3g, please read the phone's manual! That's why Nokia do it!!


want to know

if sound quality of 6630 is good and it is

loud enough than 6681 thank u.

  • Row^roW

hehhhhh :) my old pal! i have the music edition :) i love it but now its time to change although there arent mobiles good as this :)

  • NuKiN

which video format does it support apart from 3GP
like avi or mpg4??