Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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  • dohnzky

I suggest u to install net monitor for 6630 and u have an option to force stop of 3G or GSM mode so it will not look for 3G signal but u will loose internet connection as far as i know...

  • hen

does any1 else have this problem... Wen the phones goes on screen saver mode and there's unread messages, like an SMS, how come there's no indication that there is an unread message?

  • zaahil

don't take nokia 6630 take samsung d500 it 1 hr video recording, 6hrs voice recording and mp3 player bluetooth and so much more

  • orange

well,its really good,my dad uses one.
it has great features and it looks cool.

  • robpe

Pin Head.. Fortunately the 6630 doea have an earphone socket. MP3 player is about all the 6630 is any good for. they Lose signal all the time as a mobile phone !

  • pin head

does this phone have an earphone slot

  • Anonymous

does this phone have an mp3 player out put? as in an earfone slot???????

  • Zain

Well people.. im confused about dis... Is 6630 da newer version of 6620 which is da newer version of 6600.. plz email me..

  • Zain

I was gonna buy dis phone but now i guess i wont hearing all of u..Whats the difference between 6620 and 6630.. one was da previous model or what cuz they look the same.. which nokia mobile should i buy?

  • JFK

yes the 6630 smart phone is than better sony ericsson t630

  • robpe

My 6630 has been back to Nokia becuase it loses network signal too often.
They say they have fitted a new circuit board but it's not solved the problem.
I miss calls & it goes to voicemail in locations with weak signal where my old 2100 used to work OK, probably becuase the 6630 is dithering between the phone network & 3G.
One minute it shows the 3G symbol in the signal strength bar display, next minute it shows the antenna symbol !
I'm going to demand a refund. A reliable phone is much more important to me than all the fancy gadgets.
My advice is... DO NOT BUY A 6630 !

  • Fletch

This phone is getting worse

I now have to turn it off as menu and shortcut buttons decide they do not want to work.

Also, I still haven't had a SIM update to th enew Firmware. Anyone else had this problem (I am with Orange)

  • tereal

6630 its my dream phone and i will have it by the month of july because my money is 2300 pesos only pa e........i sell phone my phone 6600 but i do not have any buyer yet but i promise you these guys i will have that phone by the month of july and i will trade it to 6680.............see ya.......6630 i'm coming..............its a great phone PROMISE.................

  • matej

I do not have that phone but i will have it because it is the best nokia ever maid.
Design is cool it is not like other phones, it is not to big an not to small,
it have very good performance and it is not expencive.

  • Diner

I think I will buy nokia 6630 because he have a very good camera, mp3 player, 65k colours and 176x208 and 3G {6230i didn`t have 3G and a camera like 6630 but nokia 6230i is having 208x208 and 3D menu graphic}

  • ying

can i know is 6630 support 256mb..???

  • Helen

this is a nice phone,i'll like to buy 2 more.
Danny,i mailed you already pls send a reply.

  • Danny

the receiving was very bad depent to other nokia phone

  • NetZero

To Diner
1. 6230i is lighter (99 gms compared to 127)
2. 6230i has better polyphonic (64 channels, whereas 6630 using 48 channels)
3. MMC cards for 6230i are easily available, as 6630 uses dual voltage MMC
4. 6230i has 32mb internal memory, 6630 has 10mb
5. 6630 is a smartphone with 3G usage
6. both have 1.3mp camera, but 6630 has better quality, as its images are brighter, and 6230i often implies a grey shadow like quality
7. 6230i includes fm radio, but 6630 has an html browser. you may visit some fm sites and hear live fm, whereas certain softwares are also available for the fm, and you may use the handsfree for this purpose.

in short, if u hhave some professional use, then 6630 is an ideal choice, a good companion, can also be used for viewing word, excel, and powerpoint presentations
else 6230i is a flexible, efficient and powerful tool altogether, and o yes it also includes hscsd(high speed cicuit switched data)
P.S. I went for 6630 :D

  • Amar

I understand many users have complained about 6630. As per the features 6630 suits my needs.Has any1 able to change to the new firmware and has the problems been rectified. Pls answer. Thanks...