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Nokia 6630

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  • carloud

I get you chrone you want to erase that paper white background when creating a text message? hehehe like those found in later models such as the n series ei?

I heard last time it wasnt possible yet but with the release of new tools hopefully someone would at least try to creat one hehehehe

  • CHroNE

help me pLEase.. does anyone here knows how to get rid of the white background when creating a SMS Message coz i want my phone to become a "Secondary N70" jeje,, do someone else knows what i am talking about?? the background in creating message is white,, is it possible to turn it like tha N70 wherein the theme installed appear on it.. hope u can help me.. thanks

  • Max

Can any1 plz tell me how can i get software for this phone so i can connect it via bluetooth to my laptop to switch powerpoint persentations wirlessly.

  • imran

the phone with edge. this is the phone that every one should have. every thing i need i can do . softwere are every where and easy to must try if you use moblie phone.

  • Sola

Unbeatable value for money. Best phone I ever had (and I've had quite a few). I've had 4 new phones - including a SE p990i - after I bought my 6630 but still can't part with my lovable nokia. Rock solid build quality and first class usability even after 2 years - plus of heavy use. Very reliable. Very dependable. Very nokia.

  • lay

Yes my nokia 6630 after using it for still great if fact it has been drop in our cement floor 5 times but still okay my problem is my battery seems easily draining now I recharge it 2x a day hence I frequently used it still I sometimes desires buying new phones due to fact that they have newer interfacel like the color display of 265thou or 16 million not unlike 6630 only had 65 color k but still love it....and couple days ago I went to nokia center to repair it my keypad seems can't be used due to been stock up and they say due to some dirty particles in it? so we 6630 owners needs sometimes to clean the phone if you loved it still...and now it seems ok again...the photo shooting is still great but somehow do help me to know how to install application like photo editor in my phone anyone help me for this...

  • whitewalker

to PRQY: as an opinion, u dont need an fm tuner for a mobile phone like N6630 if u have a 2G rs mmc with 300 songs near cd quality stored on it.But for the purpose of spreading the information, you can use virtual radio for mobile streaming that is much more than an fm tuner. You can tune in to any station all around the globe, how's that for a music streaming!

  • hosam

i want mp4 for nokia 6630

  • Anonymous

this phone is huge and bulky. No FM radio and Infrared. The MMC is becoming obsolete. Conclusion: a great phone with disadvantages

  • Farhan Ali

Nokia is best and use for every where and camera result also fine and more relaible nokia 6630 is a great mobile

  • George

Try new Opera mini 4.It's amazing.
And... thank you Nokia 6630 - king of the fones ;)

  • dina

i really do love this mobile and i didnt wanna to chang it with a new one cause i feel that it becomes part of me i do loooooooooooooooooooove it very much

  • nokia 6630 fan

Can i overclock nokia 6630 with spmark04 and can enybody give me directions how to update software.plsss help

  • Anonymous

i am trying to connect the 6630 to a pc with a cable ca-53 but i can't. the pc is giving me a message usb not recognized. what do i need? pLS HELP

  • walex

hi@ all
just wanna know if dis device supports stereo bluetooth music headsets wit or witout software.
thanx yall

  • Rico Yan

i would like to inform you that N6630 have already installed FM RADIO..,,,!

  • whitewalker

And oh I forgot, I'm also using my N6630 to record meetings, dicussions etc using it as a dictaphone, minutes of the meeting with 2 hrs or more voice recording capability- no sweat!That's why I'm taking extra care of my phone because without it my life would be a bit boring!lol! (note:clean your phone once in a while to free it from dust and other foreign particles, use original accessories like battery, casing and keypads. If you are using Lithium ion battery - dont drain it before charging like older material Nickel Cadmium because it will lessen the battery life - charge it even if the battery meters 1 or 2 bars to full,proven to work - my phone battery is almost 3 years now and still retain 8 days of standby time (BLC-5 Li-ion) from the original 11 days or 264 hours..

  • whitewalker

My Nokia 6630? Its the best gadget I ever had!I modified its headset connector and connected it to my altec lansing sound blaster and with 2G memory (upgraded firmware) and 250 songs (CD quality)later,Ipod is no match for it specially when I played Macy's Day Parade,I can almost hear every instruments. Superb sound quality as if the band is just playing beside me..For Net browsing - using opera 8.65 its instant messaging at the palm of your hands(I dont mind not having WLan because of this)..Dictionary and Thesaurus (100,000 entries each). My ebook reader (repligo and mobireader) I have the whole collection of Narnia,LOT and Harry Potter books not to mention the Dan Brown and other collections, i have read these on my phone..I have alot of games from 0-9 AZ 3D and java games (psp like quality if you have played Tomb Raider, BIA and Asphalt GT2 3D) and I can even play with my friends via Bluetooth. Movies (I have seen Fantastic Four Rise of Silver Surfer via my phone while riding a bus to my office - full movie in 3gp format,dv like quality and 5.1 surround sound. I watched tv via streaming and keep me updated with whats going on around me (local and international news). I have taken around 4,000 pics and videos at the span of 2.5 years with my phone. I sometimes edit my daily report (excel and word) in my phone just to test its power and it does the job..and now the VbagX emulator (I can play the top 10 best GBA ever - advance wars 1&2, Mario Advance etc...) I already pushed myphone to the limit (once I used it as a mobile server so that friends from neighboring town could access my phone files and I used to share my files,themes, games,pics like in FTP (I tried 8MB song) to friends 1,000 miles away from me, the speed slow though but it still amazing!) and to top it all I have tried free video calling for 5 months and have seen places and views without even goin there-cool huh! If all these functions be separated from each other (camera, phone, videocam, books, game devices etc) it wont fit even in a big knapsack..In the end I still love my phone even if see new models with new features because I have already tried it all with my N6630 phone! :) So whats your N6630 story?

  • daRREn

niCE phONe!!!,,

  • Anonymous


I've been using this phone for 2 years.
Now I Got a 1 giga card and upgrade the battery to a better capacity (5 instead of 6)
I have change the hull 4 times but kept the original Nokia keyboard.
I surf the net with Opera and answer to three email accounts.
No problem.
It even replace my previous Clié.
I can read ebooks and listenning to audiobooks.
I have bought a jack plug and I listen to it on any hifi !
I'm lurking for some phone to replace it but for now I was not able to found the same quality at the same price.
Nokia rules and Symbian is the heir of PSION.
Best regards