Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630

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  • K

whats up
is result came

  • nickoll16

in terms of length of video capturing and picture, which is the best motorola v6maxx or 6630?
need help guys here.

  • Anjali

this is the best phone ever made by nokia... and no phone can stand its user friendliness and durability.. i hav been usin it for 2 yrs nw ...used it rougly and to its max.. expllored all its features..and its just awesome.... a regular multimedia phone any one wud luv to possess... may be the features are a lesser then the higher versions like N seires .. but this is enuf for an optimum and a lil more use... but unfortunately this model is no more being manufactures by nokia, since it has an awesome technology, they hav implemented the same technology in some other phones and released with a heavier price... since they cant obviously increase the price of an existing guys out there... if u really wanna long lasting kool phone... try geting secon hand 6630 phones......any doubts contact me...

  • dina

its wonderfullllll phone i have ever had i love it to much and it makes me use every thing i want to do it mp3 real player every thing i completly recomended it

  • subas

its fantastic
what is phone lock and how to lock the key guard.

  • hans

man!! this phone is the best,specially the camera,its color resulation and zooming option is fantastic! its simply FANTASTIC!!

  • T-wA

this is my best phone ever!

  • korede

how can i flash my 6630 it"s to of anything or do anything it take years to do or open it................
can someone kind please me what to do...

korede lawal

  • korede lawal

please how can i flash my 6630 it"s too slow

  • Anonymous

i use this phone nearly 3 year,one of the best phone nokia ever made...
if they expand the internal memory,maybe i'm gonna use this phone again..

  • Aryan

this phone is just amazing.Ive been useing it for 3 years now.the service is great and absolutelyy no problem at all.if u want ur cellphone to last long then definately buy this.thnxx


ok what no is it

  • Nickoll16

One of the best phone from nokia, the functionality and speed of the phone are good! im using it for about 8 months and never ever encountered any problem, with the 1 gig mmc i really enjoy the phone with videos & lot of mp3!
Superb speed compare to my cousin's 6680!

  • Li

This is my phone for 2 years now. Very satisfied with it. Recommend it...

  • Anonymous

one of the best phone

  • Anonymous

this goes out to rishabh johri

u hve to format ur phn memory.follow the following steps but remember that evrything that is dere in the phn memory will b deletd.dnt worry bout the memory card.evry data will b there.

1.charge the phn battery to the maximum....i min the battery must b full or almost full
2.switch off ur phn
3.then press "call button","3"and "*" at the same time.dnt switch on ur cell now.

4.pressin the 3 switches now switch on ur mobile.
5.hold on to the switches...until the phn is on and ur phn memory will be formatted.


  • jit

well honestly speakin this mobile is the best...rather lemme put it this way this cell indeed has a class of its own.not very gud lukin but the features r has been a year i hve got this mobile,and i truly luv it.

  • Azhar Kazi

One of the best of bsst fones i hav eve had
It is loaded vith what ever i imagined to be in this fone.
The best i loved in this fone is the 3G and the supporting file formats. and yes the business applications..........

  • Anonymous

good phone in it's day; but it's old and very slow now.

  • Malli

Can any body tell me.
how to use bluetooth head set with this phone.
does the phone support the blue tooth head set.