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Nokia 6680

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  • limpt

up untill now,i'm still facing problem with my new nokia 6680..i just hate it..i've lost my pictures three times already and suspecting error on the memory card since only pics stored in my memory card vanish..not in the phone memory.stability issue is also a problem with this phone..only's been like 10 times i had to restart my phone becoz it was happens as always when i'm using other application like games..mp3 player..but it never happens when i'm using the basic function..i dunno what to do now..until now i've to admit that it is a beautiful phone..but full of bugs..anyone who has any idea about this problem..please tell me.thanx..

  • Wickey

I received mine like 2days ago.... pretty damn awesome, i mean I had Siemens SX1 before
which was verry disappointing full of bugs.. and even the pc software that you use to send back files from pc to phone use to crash my pc, now with the 6680 everything works 100%, even the battery doesn't seem bad and the watching a vid in full screen is awesome... I really DIG it.. ime not sorry i waited so long 4 this phone.FUNCTIONAL beauty!

  • Bilal

Hi all!
Wana know why new Nokia cellphones have bugs etc coz those A......s provide these sets for beta testing therefore when we have diff problems we contact them and they fix those problems by providing us with upgraded the firmware .thats all
tc bye

  • limpt

i got my nokia 6680 about 4 days already..but the bad news is it always restart when i want to access the gallery or when using application like java games...i just hate that..and today..the pictures in my gallery dissapeared just like that..i was really dissapointed..the video quality isn't really good as i expected..and sometimes i also faced problem while playing games..i was afraid that nokia haven't deals with hardware problem and just selling it to get profit..i hope there is a way to fix all this..since it's been a very expensive phone to me..

  • JACO

thank it is a great phone.much better than teh 6630. i think.

  • dpnk

OK - had it for 14 days now, and my overall verdict is that this is a great phone with a lot of variety in the way it can fit to your lifestyle. I only encountered the problems I stated last week (see below), and only one minor fault since then...

...I have also since found out that this handset was originally distributed by Nokia to a selection of highstreet stores in the UK (namely Phones 4 U, Vodafone Stores and Carphone Warehouse), however on the shipment's arrival Nokia issued a statement that there had been some problems with the softwear in the first batch of handsets, but the stores could return them to Nokia and recieve an updated shipment of the handsets - yet it was going to take another month to arrive. As I understand, O2 and 3 decided to return their supply, but Vodafone, Phones 4 U and Carphone Warehouse decided they were going to sell their stock regardless of any possible fault...

...Hopefully that clears up why O2 have been keeping their customers waiting. I purchased my phone from Phones 4 U, on the 3 network - however, this handset is not available through 3 directly or through it's own highstreet stores.

  • thalium

2 maddz: yes it can...u have 2 make some settings. it can be used both in normal and 3G networks

  • maddz

Can this phone only be used on the 3G network???? I have had different responses!!

  • don


does anyone know if its possible to create sms/mms folders and passford protect the folder? also how many messages can the phone store.


  • thallium

why does it restart? mine doesn' original and new stuff...mine works great

  • Master Blaster

This is to me the very best Nokia and one of the best Mobile phones around.
My previous phones were S700i, Samsung D500, T630, Nokia 6600, .... It's wonderful, it tops them all.
I'm currently waiting for the K750i, and I'm very curious if it's better then this great 6680.

  • Sachit

Hi All..Have been using the 6680 for the past 5 days..and really love it..Everything about it is so great..Much more stable than any other previous Nokia phone..
But today i had a little problem..The thing is whenever i open any folder (the gallery, imaging,etc.) there is a slight flickering of the screen..Please tell me if its a hardware problem and any suggestions as to what may i do would be highly appreciated...Thanx in advance..

My firmware version:
V 3.04.12


  • lam

why do nokia market these phones when all of them have problems and bugs??
this is really full of rubbish as my last 6630 used to face the same problems e.g hang & unable to make outgoing calls due to a bug
contemplating on wether to get the 6680 or the k750i..but after i heard friends complaining abt the 6680..i think im better off with the k750i..

  • vodajohn

I got it last wknd 2 replace my d500 and im absolutely thrilled with it. all the office apps like word and acrobat work perfectly (y)was a little dissappointed by the videoquality (d500=better) but the rest is awesome. Great job nokia!!

  • Sonners

This phone has to be the best 3G handset out on the market, well at least until the N90 & N70 come out. This phone though could have done to have an optical zoom add on acsesory like the 6630.

  • Rallybanha2

i bought it at LAST
nice fone NOKIA.BUT?!!!!!!!

why it restart suddenly?????????????????
this is the only problem 2me*-*-*-*-
SE s700 is good in Camera-sound-Screen

BUT i cant live without Symbian Apps and Games

sorry SE >>>>> may be Later when isee
SE with Symbian technique
Fack JAVAMIDP@2 no use for it beside
Symbian power
both r great but JVA only Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

6681 is quiet soft in use than 6680&more
stable but No radio Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr@?#!@nokia

  • c'ya

I have to chose between Nokia 6230i and 6680 and i don't know what phone to chose! And need your opinion ...

  • biloDEEB

i just wanted to ask about the difference between the 6680 and the 6681 ? they have the same price but the 6680 has an extra camera why is this ?

  • Iwanefun Dickson

This product from NOKIA is a bit OK but most NOKIA phone's infrared are not compactible with other phones. It makes Nokia phones bundle of rubbish.

  • c'ya

I have to chose between Nokia 6230i and 6680 and i don't know what phone to chose! And need your opinion ...