Nokia 6822

Nokia 6822

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  • vic
  • TcH
  • 20 Jan 2009

Autumn, 02 Jan 2009I ADORE this phone! I am so sad that I can't get a new one,... morehere is a link to where you can purchase it

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    • marius
    • 0Uv
    • 03 Jan 2009

    the father of e70

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      • Denzil
      • N90
      • 02 Jan 2009

      I ahd the phone a while back but I was robbed and dearly miss this phone. Out of all my phones - and i had many - it was definately my best phone ever. If Nokia can make it again with 3G and a 3mp camera and flash and a Memory Card slot I will deinately get it again.

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        • Autumn
        • q5Q
        • 02 Jan 2009

        I ADORE this phone! I am so sad that I can't get a new one, but I will be searching the internet until I find another one. Mine is several years old. It has been dropped and stepped on several times, but still works ok.

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          • Mmatjieng
          • E$i
          • 08 Dec 2008

          The best phone I have ever had. It's now four years. I cry out to Nokia to bring it back with added functionalities, like radio and much clearer pictures.

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            • anonomousgirl
            • 0gx
            • 17 Nov 2008

            well i haven't got one yet i'm getting 1 4X-mas and it looks AWESOME

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              • Anonymous
              • 4hK
              • 12 Nov 2008

              [deleted post]I've had this phone for almost 5years, one the best things ever. But I'm getting a new for X-Mas, it will be sad.

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                • Ekies4Stekies
                • NaI
                • 06 Oct 2008

                Great phone really.had it for 3 years.Excellent phone but one day I got so angry,not at the Phone just saying and smashed it into pieces...would have done it to any phone lol

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                  • Anonymous
                  • mxc
                  • 26 Sep 2008

                  My phone with wings.

                  Best phone I have ever had for texting.I can actually see what I am doing. Please Nokia bring a more up to date 6822 out.

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                    • 6820fan
                    • kZL
                    • 19 Aug 2008

                    I just purchased the 6822. I had the 6820 for 5 yrs. Dropped it many times, water spilt on it, and used it a great deal. Great phone for the price and features, which is why I got the 6822.

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                      • dimebag darrell
                      • 4LF
                      • 03 Jul 2008

                      i found this phone in a field one was muddy.i cleaned it up and had it great.i dont know how old it is but i need a new battery now because this one is going bad.tough little phone,great for texting.
                      R.I.P. DIME
                      RIDE FOR DIME DOT COM

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                        • Anonymous
                        • fuN
                        • 02 Jul 2008

                        He must be talking about 6820 bcos i bought mine in 2004 n i'm still using it. It's durable.

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                          • UrgaBates
                          • 4{i
                          • 27 Jun 2008

                          I love it. I have had it for almost 11 years now, best phone on the market !

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                            • Sam
                            • M@T
                            • 13 Jun 2008

                            ahmed, 07 May 2008this is an awesome phone, i ve been usin this phone for alm... moreHow hav u had it 4 5+ years when it became available in 2005??

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                              • ahmed
                              • P5p
                              • 07 May 2008

                              this is an awesome phone, i ve been usin this phone for almost 5 year now, its still workin perfectly. i never had to change the battery or any part of the phone. perfect phone i would say

                                • T
                                • Tanya
                                • k16
                                • 05 May 2008

                                hah i luv this phone! its like indestructible.. it's been passed down in my family for about 6 years.. haha..

                                  • J
                                  • Joe Richards
                                  • bHW
                                  • 30 Apr 2008

                                  Does this phone take a SIM card? Thanks for the help...

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Qwk
                                    • 24 Apr 2008

                                    You could smash this phone in the wall.. an it would still work.Trust me. I have mine for 5 years now and its still working. I am not a feature freak so the memory and camera specs dont really bother me but this phone is soo strong. I have mistreated it and after a couple years it started to blank out but honestly what phone wouldnt. It experienced many falls,kicks and runovers but it still wukkin. I love the keyboard and wished there was a updated version of the nokia 6822. This phone is the best. Go Nokia!!

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                                      • Jay
                                      • S1F
                                      • 25 Mar 2008

                                      How many text messages can the pone hold? Thanks

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Nxs
                                        • 22 Feb 2008

                                        there sood be more in afrieka