Nokia 6822

Nokia 6822

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  • Vinay Asher
  • mIf
  • 18 Feb 2008

I have used this phone over 2 years and stopped using due to memory limitation.I wish if it had extra memory card option i will not change my phone

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    • Nokia 6822
    • jb8
    • 14 Jan 2008

    I got this phone just less then 4 days and it's been okay. My phone already froze 3-4 times and the speaker stoped working for awhile so i had to turn it off by SHUTTING OFF MY PHONE!
    When i went to ONE TOUCH WIRELESS, it was a very interesting phone, and when he took it out and handed to me, It looked really small compare to the pictures or the discription. The good things are that the camera isnt too bad other than how it doesnt ZOOM so you have to get really close to take a picture. the key pads are a bit small so I have to use my nails. The screen is a bit smaller than it should be. and one really bad thing that I dislike about this phone is that it has BLUETOOTH but you cant download TRUE RINGTONES to this phone. It's amazing how it has INTERNET and BLUETOOTH but dont allow TRU RINGTONES. I alwas download ringtone on my other phone so this was a shock to me and a little disappointment.

    Other than those, i think i bought it because of the FLIP and how cool it kind of looks. When it's closed it looks like one of those OLD OLD phones haha
    but than when you flip it... TAH DA!

    for people who are reading this before they buy this phone, I want you to think of these things before you step out the door to purchase one.
    1) Do you really need a camera?
    2) Is a small screen okay?
    3) The ringtones dont work, can you only use POLYTONES?
    4) the memory is really reall small... so you have to keep erasing pictures and videos or SOMETHING to save other new stuff
    5) the internet is pretty slow

    Other than those, and if you think your okay with those 5 things than GO AND PURCHASE THIS DAMB PHONE!!

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      • Anonymous
      • iTV
      • 20 Oct 2007

      i wish they would make a modern version of this phone. i dont need the smartphone features the E70 has, or a camera or any of that. i just want the flip out keyboard for texting.

      this phone is way too big, i wont buy phones more than 12mm thick anymore.

        • a
        • amy
        • DVr
        • 03 Jun 2007

        hi. im not a lover of nokia or this fone. if i had it back i would not have brought this fone. it looks cool but seriously its the opisite in features. some of da buttons came off my keyboard and da normal buttons get stuck 2. one day im going to smash it off a wall.....

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          • Anonymous
          • 4qA
          • 03 Jun 2007

          Update version = Nokia E70

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            • nokiasoftwaresucks
            • SrT
            • 10 May 2007

            Mine just said "Calendar Full", but it has 3.5MB!?! (I am not a businessman with lots and lots of meetings) - and there is no way of deleting old entries! You either delete EVERYTHING, or you have to delete each old entry individually!!! Aaargh!

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              • Anonymous
              • mXn
              • 20 Apr 2007

              how much you selling it for?

              i love these phones want 6820 atm. wish nokia would bring out a new one. same looks new features, ie 3mp cam mp3 mem card etc etc etc

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                • dheeraj
                • vGf
                • 17 Mar 2007

                hey dis side...
                i always wantd 2 usee dis cell bt whn i got it i got 2 know much abt simply a big crap dat only looks good while u open it or else its nothin bt wastage of money....

                is dere ny1 who cn buy it..,.!!!!!plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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                  • Anonymous
                  • MSR
                  • 11 Mar 2007

                  man my dad has it! its great and simple for web acessing but honestly over all this phone is crap!!!

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                    • Anonymous
                    • nsI
                    • 03 Feb 2007

                    i've got this phone and yeah~ it really SUCKS!! it doesnt look so bad but it's really bad

                      • S
                      • Shashank
                      • xXW
                      • 23 Jan 2007

                      It's Cool. but a little too expensive for it's features

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nE}
                        • 18 Jan 2007

                        why is everyone banging on about this phone? it's a bag of cak. good camera? don't make me laugh. it's vga for heaven's sake. in a time when 2mp is industry standard, vga is just laughable.

                          • b
                          • brian kanhanga
                          • fuM
                          • 10 Jan 2007

                          its a work of art it deserves some reckoning.
                          the camera is just fantastic.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • j@{
                            • 24 Dec 2006

                            i wish i could buy this phone.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • n5e
                              • 23 Dec 2006

                              nice fone its got a very gd look azwell

                                • J
                                • Jay
                                • RNZ
                                • 09 Nov 2006

                                I love my 6822.
                                It is getting to the stage it needs to be updated. Nothing comes close to the 6822.
                                so I am keeping it for a while longer.

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • SrT
                                  • 07 Nov 2006

                                  nope. not on mine (european version)

                                    • n
                                    • newton
                                    • in@
                                    • 02 Nov 2006

                                    For 6822 there poly ringtone named 'Baroque' in this phone? i need an honest answer straight from this-extraordinary-phone users. thanks a lot

                                      • c
                                      • croquembouche11
                                      • 4vr
                                      • 29 Oct 2006

                                      the folding qwerty keyboard is the coolest thing ever

                                        • N
                                        • Nokia Nerd
                                        • mXP
                                        • 21 Oct 2006

                                        Great phone.
                                        Sturdy, solid, droppable and fun.
                                        2 slight niggles are lack of memory and keys are sometimes hard to see at night.
                                        Otherwise, a great little phone!