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  • Anonymous

Do we have any bootloader unlock methods for this tank. The one in developer mode is off mode and couldn't be turned on.

  • Untapped

The "Tap to wake" feature in Nokia 6.1 (and some other phones) causes huge battery drain on idle. Disable it in Display - Advanced.

Ednanayub, 17 Feb 2021Well said, Nokia 6.1 is great build, great response but sof... moreThank you.

GeeSquer4U, 17 Feb 2021No Boss. It's the processor which is not able to manag... moreI digress to your opinions.


1) The SD630 is built on 14nm process, the same as SD632, SD636 & SD660. They are all built with similar transistor architecture and SD630 is the most power efficient of the lot. On the contrary SD660 is the most power hungry yielding max performance. So to me SD630 is not the culprit. SD665 is built on more power efficient 11nm process, but that alone does not mean it will consume less power than SD630. It has way more transistors than SD630 for better performance and as such overall TDP will be higher.

2) Charging speeds have nothing to do with battery backup. However high charging speeds will produce more heat and reduce battery longevity. So battery capacity and discharge rate remains identical no matter what charging speeds are used 1 watt or 100 watts.


In the end the main culprit is subpar software optimization on the phone. I have an Alctael 5V fron 2018. It came with just 3GB RAM and slower Mediatek P22 SoC. Amazingly it is more fluid in operation than my Nokia 6.1 with 4GB RAM. The Nokia wins in every department over Alcatel, be it raw performance, looks, built quality but where it looses is software optimization and efficient hardware usage. The result is high battery drain and occasional stutterers during navigation, mainly effecting the 3GB model of Nokia 6.1.

The 4 GB RAM variant of Nokia 6.1 is till smooth in operation on Android 10. And I did perform hard factory reset after Android 10 update which removed a lot of previous junk from phone cache thus making it faster. Saying all that I love my Nokia 6.1, it is a gold mine to me as smartphones will never be made with this level of bullet proof built quality any more.

  • Ednanayub

RishiGuru, 14 Feb 2021Stock Android is all bare-bones and more like bland vanilla... moreWell said, Nokia 6.1 is great build, great response but software has limitations.

RishiGuru, 14 Feb 2021Stock Android is all bare-bones and more like bland vanilla... moreNo Boss. It's the processor which is not able to manage battery consumption. Plus the 18W charger which is supplied. Most of fast charge phones don't have good backup but charges fast instead. In practical if charged fast the discharge tends to be fast. So only 5W charger based phones with same capacity runs for some more time. Also processor is a culprit. Sd630 has subpar battery mangement. SD665 has good battery management but smoothness if nothing great than 630.

Whatever, 12 Feb 2021Nobody seems to mention the absolutely horrible RAM managem... moreStock Android is all bare-bones and more like bland vanilla flavor. I can live with it but I don't like it. Moreover Nokia seems to be more interested about Android updates and its security patches without giving any importance to software optimization.

Keeping all these in mind I bought the 4GB RAM variant of Nokia 6.1 @ $100 brand new. It can run 4 apps simultaneously without killing any of those. Nokia 7 Plus & Nokia 6.1 are two of the best ever phones produced under HMD banner. I have both. It is a pity such great hardware and built quality are somewhat going down the drain due to unoptimized software.

  • Whatever

Nobody seems to mention the absolutely horrible RAM management. 3GB of RAM and yet you can't keep two apps running at the same time,they load again when you switch. Hell, i can't even keep two browser tabs open. The phone is set to kill processes aggressively, making the big amount of RAM completely useless.

I've been using this phone for two years and each update since Oreo broke it even more. I had to endure horrible battery drain when idle, random app crashes and many more for one year. Android 10 fixed some things, but the phone's RAM management and overall speed were never the same. Specs are good, software is a piece of trash. "Pure" android my butt, with loads of stupid things added to it.

  • Kashif Kabir

I have been using this Nokia 6.1 from almost 2.5 years working perfectly fine.
Love Performance, battery timing perfectly good fast charging stock android is just Love..

  • Nokia 6.1 user

Maybe it is a problem with my own phone's hardware, but the volume and power buttons keep breaking. Battery also drains really fast. I had to get battery changed as well as buttons repaired not 6 months ago, yet it is giving problems again. Camera quality is fine for me since I'm no professional. But buttons are giving an unacceptable amount of problems with no warning (they stopped working suddenly).

  • fishbowl

For 3 years we been buddies at work and at play.
Never let me down. I use this phone in my inspection jobs and the camera helped me get credible reports. Charger is really fast.

I regret I didnt search all reviews abt this phone. Its terribile. I have it by 3 weeks, even the old phones I kept works better(nokia 113 and huawei 560).Its stuck (i have to reset) ,black screen(i escape with reset)sound is awfull during calls(hear crackers), radio is not working at all (all frequences sound fffssffss -with headseat or loudspeaker-same noise), camera has no autofocus (i have to step back and move hands to find the focus,pics with biggest resolutin has no cristal shape.I have to take with me old phones ,just in case the Nokia let me down.Very weird is I recharge same:every day i complete the battery (not full empty) all 3 phones. This nokia has 3000 mah but is not any difference . Very disappointed,not more Nokiia . I have version TA-1043 with Zeiss camera (pff).On one pic i saw some white waves and i am sure was not from sun or some reflection outside, i guess this phone can not handle some angles for pics,. I contact nokiaservice in email and i got 2 advices: nr1 send back,nr 2:reset factory.I did but during reset factory was stuck;I give up; reset and try again and now i got the message 'cant reset to factory'.Very very dissapointed.Updates was all in short time:to android 10 and few (3 or 4) for fix ; the last was with dated dec 2020.Is not working better, .My old phone keep the battery exactly like in first day, good pics , rarely some lag but is not bothering knowing is old but it save me .No more Nokia.

  • Pinky

Its really a worst mobile I have ever seen, I have purchased this mobile one year ago, I have changed battery also it was not charging and charging pin too and now IC is not working .. mobile is not getting turn on ... Mobile service center person is suggesting not to go for repair as almost 80% of the mobile gone ... and required almost 5k for the repair

  • Raj

If i use google meet & google maps it's automatically switching off after apdated to android 10

  • Haris

lari, 22 Dec 2020By any chance, is your phone shutting down even if it'... moreGet a new battery and your phone will start flying :)

  • Haris

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2020My Nokia 6.1 Generation 2 China Model. It's came to sp... moreYour speaker is having issues due to the failing battery. Get a new battery and you will be fine. You will see how fast your phone runs after changing the battery, just like a new phone. In 2020 it's still really fast. Just don't expect to play high-games on it :)

  • Snappy

Disapointed, 11 Jan 2021Very dissapointed , I have it by 1 week. This phone is a cr... moreIt's funny how people can have such different experience's. I've had my 6.1 for 18 months and everything about it is perfect, design, durability and it has maintained it's battery life very well. I think the person who posted this negative review is a paid troll.

  • Disapointed

Kaycee, 28 Feb 2020It's a complete software disaster, will never buy a Nokia p... moreVery dissapointed , I have it by 1 week. This phone is a crap, I cant believe Nokia sell this. If 2 h and 20 min for charging 3000mah battery means' fast charging' for nokia, they are amateurs.. Is not worth 100$ , The cameras are worth th an old 2g nokia, pic without shape, with no focus,the noise durring calls is annoying ,the settings are become from factory settings if the phone is not using,(over night,or 1 hour not using).The upgrade to Android 10 took 5 days,very slow,With wifi-modem the nokia is so slow, On y2b is crasshing video,After uograded to Android 10 ,remained only 890 MB free space (with no other app downloaded).Very dumbest device, very poor, is not worth 100$ (i trying to return but the bg site it refuzing ) Do NOT buy this device , not even if will be 50$.Waste of time and waste of money. With these kind of devices,nokia brand will die soon

  • toto

RishiGuru, 15 Sep 2020HMD Global from its onset had an ambition to set new standa... morehaha very glad to read that. The phone feels and works fine to me, OTOH I don't play games on it so YMMV. What you said is exactly what I hoped for when picking this prestigious brand. I found out HMS Global was situated right across the street from the old Nokia factory and that sold me. I'm glad it worked out, and sad they couldn't keep up since then. Thanks for the info dude. I do love this phone.
Only drawback? Can't find a good case for it to save my life. Only cheap ones are available. A pain!

  • haris

lari, 22 Dec 2020By any chance, is your phone shutting down even if it'... moreYes, it's your dying battery that is causing these issues. It comes to a point where you cant even get smooth performance while charging your phone