Nokia 6.1

Nokia 6.1

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  • Anonymous

This is great improve to previous model! Frankly, Good job HMD..

  • Anonymous

If you use the comparison tool with the 2018 and 2017 model the only changes are size, chipset and memory. That's it. Memory progresses every year anyway, size is not really a tangible tech improvement so its the chipset really. The cameras front and back are identical as is the battery. The price will be interesting as it shouldn't be too different (a little higher for the chipset). If it is then there isn't much ground for it really. Mmm maybe not quite the leap we were expecting.

  • Anonymous

Welp the screen and body ratio should be like close to s8, about 80% i think. The battery may not be big, but nokia may have made battery saving technology or something. This phone in 2018 may be behind other new stuff coming like the samsung galaxy Z, but its more about the price, and what its packing, if this makes any sence to you. The screen might not be the sharpest on the market, but again we are talking about the price. The camera wont be a letdown probably cause its a carl zeis lens system. Small apinion about the phone from a tech nerd😁. Sorry for my english, my native language isnt English. Thanks for taking your time and reading this :D

  • Benny

NOKIA to little to late

  • Anonymous

Shame aboyt the battery size not being a bit bigger given the thickness. As mentioned the redmi and p2 can get big batteries in thinner phones. Usb-c being missing is also kinda poor when the Mi A1 had it and is cheap with dual cameras and stock android. Could be a bit better.

  • AnonD-441601

Battery should be bigger othervise looks good.
If itcomes with reasonable price it will sells like hot fresh bread straight from a well known bakery.

  • Vj

Only thing that give relief here is latest soc 630 otherwise fear was that Nokia would opt snapdragon 425 out of nowhere and want to sell its phone because of its build quality and brand name just like last year Nokia 6.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-374532, 03 Jan 2018Missing 18:9 ratio display Dual Camera USB type C Fast ... moreExactly, Nokia always comes short of customer expectations and still very costly. Snapdragon 430 is what they had given in previous version, an old 2015 soc in 2017 and since now they've opt 630 soc rest assure its going to be costly than rival brands.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-374532, 03 Jan 2018Missing 18:9 ratio display Dual Camera USB type C Fast ... moreDUH...why exactly do you need a 18:9 screen? It's a huge compromise and makes both the screen smaller and the phone less compact.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-374532, 03 Jan 2018Missing 18:9 ratio display Dual Camera USB type C Fast ... moreim glad 18:9 is missing. not everyone likes an unbalanced top heavy smartphone experience

  • Anonymous

Jubayel73, 02 Jan 2018Very sad news for dual camera loversif you really value dual camera why not just buy a pocket camera with x3 or x5 zoom lens. you get the full range of focal length from 24mm - 100mm for example and a much bigger sensor for better low light performance . most smatphones have fixed focal length (22mm and 52mm for example)

  • AnonD-374532

18:9 ratio display
Dual Camera
USB type C
Fast Charging
2 sim slots + dedicated micro SD card.

  • AnonD-237083

Im waiting for nokia 5 2018 with dual sim + dedicated micro SD, i think the design will close to this 6 2018..

  • Anonymous

why (uses SIM 2 slot), why not dedicated slot. why why why???
If use two sin in same time we can not use memory card, If use memory card then can not use sim two. what s this?

  • Anonymous

Neither dual camera nor 18:9 ratio and thats what rivals Motorola and Xiaomi going to bring in their upcoming phones in the same or may be price less than the Nokia 6 .

  • Nikola

8,2 mm on 3000 mAh and 5.5 " ??!!
Lenovo P2 is 8,3 mm with 5100 mAh !!!

I think it's a pretty poor effort when a new phone with a 5.5 mm display is over 75 mm wide when a number of OEM's are offering larger displays that are less then 70 mm wide or not much wider than 70 mm. I like phones that are easy to hold in a small hand, that means max 70 mm wide. Width is one of the first factors I look at when I see a new phone announced and compactness generally. Hence no Motorola phones for me.

Very sad news for dual camera lovers

  • AnonD-727002

I think this is not good spacial we want dual camera setup at the rear.we don't need 18:9 display we need more dual cameras for better picture.

  • Anonymous

Nice one from nokia