Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia X6)

Nokia 6.1 Plus (Nokia X6)

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  • Samlog
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  • 20 Jul 2021

Wiz, 06 Jul 2021The charging port of Nokia 6.1 plus needs improvement... I ... moreThe original charging port is scares here in Nigeria, you can definitely get the original charging port on aliexpress...

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    • Tjoks
    • nBT
    • 12 Jul 2021

    No charging problems here, but the fibration function broke and part of the touchscreen is not working anymore, both within approximately two years of usage. Also, it is annoying to miss a big part of the top of the screen where the front camera and speaker are placed. I wouldn't recommend this phone.

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      • Wiz
      • r3H
      • 06 Jul 2021

      The charging port of Nokia 6.1 plus needs improvement... I have changed it thrice this year, that so tragic

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        • Eddie
        • ucr
        • 03 Jul 2021

        Worst phone ever. Looks good. But it can't last for a year. The charging port cannot charge properly very loose. Hung up numerous time. Sent to service for 3times within 3months of usage. No longer the Nokia that used to make good lasting phone. Will avoid Nokia

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          • gM$
          • 30 Jun 2021

          Attiq, 22 Jun 2021The Phone is great in Looks, Performance, Battery Life, Tou... moreCharging portal is worst. I changed three time , same problem, phone overheated.please return money

            druidshy, 15 Jun 2021Pros: * Premium design * Weightless. * camera is good. ... moreI won't say it was overpriced. In fact the only phone from HMD that wasn't overpriced.
            But HMD did used cheapest parts while manufacturing this smartphone.
            Just a few days ago my 6.1 Plus went dead. I got it checked and the guy told that power IC of the phone wasn't working. That is on top of eMMC problem and charging port issue.

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              • DOYSH
              • r39
              • 25 Jun 2021

              Sandeep , 10 May 2021Been using it since 2 yrs + I'd strongly advice never... moreYou need to get the battery replaced. It happened to my 6.1 plus also.

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                • Attiq
                • 6Pq
                • 22 Jun 2021

                The Phone is great in Looks, Performance, Battery Life, Touch, but they made a worst Charging Circuit. Its so sluggish it was broke within 1 Year. I repaired it. It worked another 1 Year and broke again this time the speaker terminals bust out too. I have read many reviews and all have charging issue. If anyone planning to buy just don't bother.

                  * Premium design
                  * Weightless.
                  * camera is good.

                  * overpriced.
                  * Display broken in few falls itself.
                  * chipset and gpu should be increased.
                  * battery backup was very poor.
                  * my expectation on Nokia falls after i bought this no more Nokia here after :(
                  * First Mobile stolen in my life at noida :(

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                    • Suresh
                    • U{k
                    • 09 Jun 2021

                    It is very worst phone.Battery backup is very poor.Android one setup is cheating offer,we will not get more 2 update.Customer care will not give satisfied service.Dont waste money.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • w7i
                      • 09 Jun 2021

                      Sadly, they didn't make a successor for this phone.

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                        • 7tU
                        • 27 May 2021

                        Alfan, 14 May 2021I really confused why peoples judge this phone so worse, an... morefor sudden turning off, it seems to be battery issue as you have been using for more than 2 years. needs a new battery, i believe

                          Yahia, 23 May 2021Turn off the Multiple users settingNever had it enabled

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                            • Yahia
                            • D74
                            • 23 May 2021

                            SShreyas, 17 May 2021Anybody out here whose device has also started stuttering/l... moreTurn off the Multiple users setting

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                              • Sampson
                              • NwL
                              • 23 May 2021

                              SShreyas, 17 May 2021Anybody out here whose device has also started stuttering/l... moreI have no such problem with this phone since February this year till now

                                Anybody out here whose device has also started stuttering/lagging too much after last update???

                                  Alfan, 14 May 2021I really confused why peoples judge this phone so worse, an... moreHMD fanboys who often misinterpret it as Nokia, writes something like this only.
                                  According to you, everyone with a port issue used "Hulk power" for charging it? While everybody uses "human power" when handling other devices?
                                  That's so lame. If you're not having problems, then your piece was probably defective. There are a few "defective" pieces produced by every brand.

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                                    • Alfan
                                    • thw
                                    • 14 May 2021

                                    I really confused why peoples judge this phone so worse, and found so much trouble. I buy this mid range phone at December 2018 till today and didn't find much trouble. Already had changed a new battery, once, when i got random reboot and sometimes also turn off without reason. For daily usage the phone quite satisfied-everything running well, performance quite good to help me doing business tasking (email, some papers working). All without problems. For the battery, yes after update to Android 10 the lifetime not longer like oreo or pie. It's make a sense, new firmware bring new features and need extra power. Camera, don't expect to much for mid range, the pictures result quite ok, not so disappointed. Charging port, no issues, and i don't understand how you guys plugging the charging into the port till broke. Is it with hulk's power????? So this far, the phone still working well without any issues/problems. I am quite satisfied and happy using this phone as my second phone. *sony fanboys :)

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                                      • Sandeep
                                      • D0e
                                      • 10 May 2021

                                      Been using it since 2 yrs +
                                      I'd strongly advice never to buy Nokia. The problems in the thread are real.

                                      After 8 months of usage, had to replace the charging port. Got it done for free under warranty. (Had a lot of trouble charging it before I went to service centre)

                                      And 7 months later I had to replace the charging port again but I had to pay for it this time.

                                      After Android 10 update, Battery life was suffering a lot and I had to factory reset and the battery life had got better. (Didn't want to reset my data but I had to)

                                      Another few months later, my battery was above 85% and the phone switched off suddenly just like that for no reason while using. Unable to turn it on nor does it respond even while charging. (Tried all key combinations and holding those combinations for several seconds etc).
                                      It's literally dead.

                                      Will update about the last issue but after reading the user reviews, I doubt if it can be fixed.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • s8L
                                        • 10 May 2021

                                        Deb, 03 May 2021charging problem and then it shutdown i dont know what is w... moregive it to a technician, it costed me around 450 INR in India for getting it fixed.