Nokia 7070 Prism

Nokia 7070 Prism

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  • Anonymous

it looks like a crocodile. splendid.

  • mj

this is not a copy from sony i mean
nokia came up with the prism idea first
BTW stop saying bad stuff to nokia
i mean if u dont like it why post anyways
people are just being cheap these days???

  • jayno

hi :D cute looking

  • lite 18

Nokia is the best. It's good that Nokia still makes some low featured phones, because not everyone needs such a cool phone with lots of options and abilities.

  • Anonymous

It looks like Sony Ericsson Z555

  • ja3 mik3

it is ugly tho

  • Anonymous

sorry but that's very ugly...

  • Ms Lewis

Good that its not too thin like samsungs because samsungs are like bulimics the thinner they get the more they deteriorate e.g U100

  • Anonymous

It's veeeeeeeerrryyyy uglyy:|

  • Faisel

The Least Nokia could have done was to put a darn VGA camera on this cheap a** Prism!

  • Michael

cute phone and nice design but it doesn't have much features installed inside...

  • Anonymous

So ugly...ewww! This would have been "in" in the 80's!

  • David Al.Jafari

Nice Looking , Low Specs ... Sure Later Nokia Will Make New Ver Of It With Camera , Then Another Ver With Better Specs , Thats Sucks ... They Wont Just Hit The Point Straight ...

  • Anonymous

Copy of SE Z555..

  • JA

No camera?!?! VGA will even do!

  • Anonymous

finally 3rd!! =P

  • Anonymous

finaly first to add a comment :) , nice phone.