Nokia 7070 Prism

Nokia 7070 Prism

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  • andy

i think this phone it's nice. but, you should know that this is a PHONE !!!, not a camera, mp3,4... player, GPS or i don't know what new features are appearing. it's for calling people and it's good looking. you shouldn't rate the phones after what the best one on the market has, but by what it gives.

  • Curtis Jacson

To All the SE & Nokia Supporter. pls dont do the stupid fight on here now. u guys so support SE or Nokia at the end they wont give you any benefit or profit to u. SE/Nokia wont give u a free phone or 50% discount on the phone to u! All the phone whatever brand u can buy that is good phone!

  • Chew...

the specs is really bad...
A lot of now-common features all absent in this phone...

  • Gautam Dey (Bengali)

nokia is not making experiment with the models....they r u just repeating the models
in different style....i wanna suggest you don't go 4 nokia.......SE rocks.....

  • Amit Pandey (Ganja).

Nokia is a big time looser company.....
they should go 4 the better model...

  • Bo

I guess beautiful phones are meant to be stupid.

  • Anonymous

I dislike the fact that there is no memory card slot of any kind :(

  • Sony Ericsson Modder

this phone is butttttterrrrrrz
putting nokia to shame if thats even possible any more
luks lyk the creative development team at nokia are getting ideas from nursery children!

big tym FLOOOOOP!

  • Dil

Excellent low price Nokia phone with prism design. I will keep it as my second set provided that it has a big sms capacity and fast user interference.

  • Anonymous

Totally it's not for male... but nice for female. I thinking about buy this phone for my girl friend.

  • Anonymous

so...what does this phone do?

  • tyler

great phone for people who want the prism design without the prism price. Not people that this is a budget phone, so please don't whine about the lack of bluetooth, camera, 3g, ect... Although they SHOULD have put in an fm radio in the phone, as almost all nokias do but this one doesn't.

  • XTC

To the people concerned about that Pink thing.

Read carefully please, there is BLUE version!

  • nod_ray

This is nothing to do with z555 this is NOKIA Prism line and this phone is budget prism model for people who wants prism but dont have money!

  • claytonic

tottaly sickk phonnnee

  • Anonymous

so the Prism series goes from being the most expensive to one of the cheapest!

  • sony

this phone is suck with pink and this is not for male

  • Anonymous

ugly!phne by nokia Totally useless phne

  • tamagotchi

nice leh.. not too bad but lack of better specs.. at least wit a 2mp cam,bluetooth,and card slot and 3d speakers..

  • anon

Maaaan, is this a wack looking phone or what? Whenever i decide that im not gay enough, ill purchase this, so that the pink triangle will clearly state to everyone, that i like to tune a meat whistle.

Honestly Nokia, im concerned. What a joke.