Nokia 7070 Prism

Nokia 7070 Prism

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  • lorenz

Design is for an outgoing and funky person! I love when Cellular companies think outside the box! Something for the individual!


it is amazing phone

  • Anonymous

another ugly NOKIA prism...very cheap

  • luis

Isn't happening nothing new, the world leader is releasing low end models (low equipment too) so no need to argue. If you want more buy an Nseries. Every manufacturer with these price tag releases models with the same or worse features so don't complain

  • Anonymous

what in the H*E*l*l is this design crated by NOKIA no cardslot and no features at all... ugly desgin plus no features...NOKIA what's happening to your new phones

  • Anonymous

Woah, just ANOTHER ugly phone from Nokia. Will they ever learn? Perhaps it's time for a new design team, Nokia..

  • Anonymous

Alright, usually I'd have my jaw drop looking at other phones feature but that is primarily because of how amazed I am with the spec.
With this one, my jaw also drop, but no not because it's amazing or anything but because I'm actually perflexed that they are actually still using LCD with 128x160 65k resolution on mobile phones these days. I mean, even the cheapest ones can sport a better screen. That spec is like the one my phone had which was many years ago. Yes, the spec is ancient and don't give me a damn "it's a low end device that's why" no that's no longer acceptable. Bzzzzzzzzzzz.......

  • ynna

i purchased this unit for my aunt who's not that conscious on features that the latest phones bring. she loves it. yep, there are just people who are only concerned with communicating! since its the primary reason that phones were invented, right? before you post negative comments and stupid complaints, will you please be informed of its price first? humans, creatures who are supposed to have brains, bear it in mind that the price itself tells us if its either a high or low end phone. so use ur brain, unless if its not well-functioning... well then, we must understand..

  • Anonymous

nokia's at it again! =D

  • Dilawer

Excellent low price Nokia phone with prism design. I will keep it as my second set provided that it has a big sms capacity and fast interfacing.

  • KTHubbybunch

OH-EM-GEE!!! this time its a clamshell version! @__@ it looks like a MUMMY phone more than a DUMMY phone. o__o

  • Anonymous

it does look really nice, and it is cheap. I think if it had a camera and bluetooth I would buy it! It would be really good if Nokia made a phone that looks like this with improved features!

  • Anonymous

If u want so many features go buy a phone for $800.
What do u seriously expect for $100??

  • damien!

damn! those who give a bad comment!
use your brain!
this is a low end phone!
why are you looking for so many features!
its low end economically phone!

  • Anonymous

NOt everybody is a yuppie who wants every single type of technology rolled into their phone. There are people out there who just want a phone to do what phones do best - MAKE AND RECEIVE CALLS.

  • luis

Of course this phone will sell very well. Its looks are amazing for a 50 euro price tag. Such a shame that it doesn't have fm radio. Even the 1650 have it :(

  • muzzi

i think dis phone is amazing it is basic fone with cheap rates n the luk of the fone is ausume


just wawwwwww.... ! :)

  • GSE

:) Why do they make a phone with mp3 ringtones but without a infrared port or bluetooth :( It looks fine...but too poor in options

  • Ghida

no bluetooth , no infrared , no cam ???

what for ?