Nokia 7070 Prism

Nokia 7070 Prism

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  • XxyasminxX

i have a phone like this one

  • alisha

hi friends well its style is really cool and i like it very much

  • Liese

I really like this phone it's not fancy but really cool if you have it you should be glad I lost mine. I also love the ring tones.

  • fery

poor material quality

  • Anonymous

it's my favourite mobile phone. i love it!!!

  • Ahmed

To all people who say that this phone sucks, you really need to know what a phone is. A phone is a device to make calls & send sms through it and a mbile like this have these options and please shut your mouth because it is a cheap price phone that serves the people who need a phone only not a notebook or ipod

  • ONA

As a back up phone, Its good, compact, its in the low end side of the nokia phone but with its price , i think its A O K. Syempre if you like a full featured phone you better buy a high end one but with the high end price.

  • Anonymous

really a lovely mobile with a mod luk:)

  • Ezequiel

this unit is a real shame for the Nokia Prism Series.!

the design is cool but for its function,,it is not..

Message for you guys:
If you want to own a Nokia Prism Phone,go buy either of the 3Remaining Prism handsets Nokia 7500 prism,Nokia 7900 Prism,or Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism.

those three won't make you feel cheated.unlike this one. ;p

but if you already own any of the 3 Nokia Prism,this will be a good secondary phone and plus the looks.!everyone will stare at you coz' you own two rare nokia prism phone.!Go Ahead and buy.!you won't regret it.!(only as a secondary phone,good if paired also with another Nokia Prism phone) ;p

by the way,,i own a Nokia 7500 Prism phone came from Riyadh. i cant find any 7900 Prism & 7900 Crystal Prism in the market at Qatar,Riyadh,and here in the Philippines that is why i ended up with this Prism.

kindly add me at friendster,facebook and Y.M.

thank you. ;p

  • adorable

yeah it is simple in functiong but it is very pretty no doubt ma mobile.......:)

  • alishah

what a mobile you cant bielive it

  • samad-lotfi

hi lwill buy of the product you coanet mewieh the email pleces buy thank you

  • samad-lotfi

hi lwill buy of the product you coanet mewieh the email pleces buy thank you

  • gold

I love the design of this phone but it is colored only

  • bahaa eid

i just got this phone but i dont know how to active the Light indicator
even that i activated the light effect but its not working olso
anyone know about this problem

  • Anonymous

i used it quite alot and its only good in look but not in function....GPRS is good

  • Dissatisfied

Personally, I just bought this phone as a beater phone after my N82 screen gave me the black screen of death. Its as basic as you can get, I purchased it for design and looks. Function wise, its lacking in many many ways. *.mid* tones are limited, personalization is limited, as well as the key design and placements are fairly bunched up, making it hard to operate if you have average to bigger sized fingers. When I bought the phone, the sales person told me there\'s a known problem with the battery to phone connectors, and at times you may have to tamper with it. Its a very slick looking phone, but size wise, its a little too long when unflipped IMO, making it awkward using it. Just my 2 cents

  • Sunburn

chowder, 24 Aug 2009hi guys, i was thinking of buying a phone for funtional purposes... moreIf you want durability and voice quality during call, go for C520 (I haven't exactly used the C520 yet but I've used many other Samsung clampsell phones of the same price range, from the same era so my advise is based on it). If you like unique design and software function, 7070. I do own a 7070 myself, build quality isn't good and voice quality is average.

  • jo

love its design but there's one problem i encountered with this model.. the #6 keypad (mno) got easily plucked out.. i just didnt see how it was removed. that was 2 months after i bought the phone.

  • Anonymous

tamana, 02 Sep 2009asalam ala kum can any budy tell me da price of dis setRs4500 price for 7070