Nokia 7070 Prism

Nokia 7070 Prism

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  • Anonymous

reza, 11 Sep 2008i have USb cable for 7070 prism, but with which software i can c... moreWhat cabel or USB can i buy For the Nokia 7070?

  • viks

Grassy, 08 Dec 2008I got just now. This is the phone I dreamed. Cheap, sexy, light,... morecan someone give me the mail addresses of the shops in singapore where 7070prism and 6600 fold is available..

  • viks

jane, 28 Jan 2009my nokia 7070 stores up to 1000 messages all in all from the fol... morehey jane,

good evening,

i like to know in which country this set is available especially in singapore or in dubai..

  • tony

i bought this phone a while ago. unfortunately, the earpiece does not work. i cant hear someone calling from the other end. everything else is fine. I happened to loose the box in which it was contained and therefore the dealer is not willing to take it back. kindly advice.

  • jane

bg, 24 Dec 2008Can anyone please tell me how many sms can this phone store? I r... moremy nokia 7070 stores up to 1000 messages all in all from the folders to sent items and inbox

  • Roberta

I've bought this phone just few days ago and I like it: it's nice and easy to use. Unfortunately I've found a little problem with the display setting: it always goes in sleep mode after 15 seconds, even if I switch it off from the menu. I try to put a screen saver without sleep mode, and to put power saver, but the display keeps switch off automatically after 15 seconds! Has anybody experienced the same problem? Has anybody found a solution or it's a bug and nothing can be done?

  • Prak Bunthoeun

This is my feeling to the NOKIA 7070 Prinm,
-Make in good design,cheap,sexy,easy to use and up to date.But the sceen is too small, the colour not clear and sharp,at less have bluetooth the memory is ok accoding to this price.

  • kanchan

hey....i realy wntd 2 buy dis phone i wish it had features like othr phones...

  • lolo

i want to know if this phone can to record my phonecall?
reply on my e_mail

  • Celine

This phone is great, butit could be greater if it had a bluetooth or infrared or a camera :D

  • Anonymous

can anybody tell me if this phone works in the America please?

  • Yasmeen

This Phone is amazing,so small so beautiful my friends brought it to me as my birthday gift and i am sooo happy to have this one and also happy to get rid off my old N70 phone...:)


  • bg

Can anyone please tell me how many sms can this phone store? I read the specs that it has around 11MB of memory. Is this memory available for sms also?

  • Archer

only for call and sms but that is very beautiful and lovely

All you need is triangles for the singularity event of 2012. Cameras and all these other features are useless when you have a phone of such geometric zensunni buddhist appeals as the 7070. Watch your friends with crackberries become bumbling idiots addicted to email while you cruise the world with a low-information diet and your 7070.

  • Grassy

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2008This is one of the best looking phones I've ever seen. It is ver... moreAbsolutely. This is what I need. Just call and SMS. I got real camera and real MP3 player. I don't want to run out my phone battery just for music or taking photos.
This phone is straight to the point sexy, light, small and durable.
To NOKIA, please don't stop producing the phone for need like this.

  • Grassy

I got just now. This is the phone I dreamed. Cheap, sexy, light, small. I don't need camera and music player since I have separated ones. 70USD included tax in Singapore. Hand set and charger that's all I need. This fashion phone looks beautiful with it's body, so throw away the lazy headset.

  • Markus

No bluetooth, no usb, no card slot...but it has mp3 =))

nokia just sucks...i mean, how can they make this kind of phone in 2008?

  • Anonymous

aj, 03 Nov 2008i hve ds fone from my dad... it is sounique...actually ds fone i... moreThis ain the fone to buy! Fa tha same amount of chedder yu can git yoself a pretty nice samsung handset that got bluetooth and radio. Nokia r just exploiters. shizzle brizzle

  • ayatollah rafsanjani

it has the best design in cheap phones