Non-plus Nokia 7.1 colors and price revealed

Ro, 28 September 2018

A renown tipster on Twitter just offered a plausible explanation about the confusion surrounding the upcoming Nokia 7.1 Plus smartphone. A tweet from Roland Quandt popped up that can be interpreted in two ways - that the phone is going to be launched as the Nokia 7.1 without the Plus version or that there are actually going to be two smartphones coming to the 7-series.

Given the contradicting rumors about the Nokia 7.1 Plus' front panel lately, our bet is on the second one. We've seen two shots of the Nokia 7.1 Plus' front panel without a notch and two renders that depict it with a notch.

It would only make sense that we were looking at two different devices the whole time, assuming the Nokia 7.1 comes without a notch while the Plus variant features one. The Nokia 6.1 Plus and the Nokia 5.1 Plus both came with the popular screen cutout, which has lead us to believe the Nokia 7.1 Plus will follow suit.

In any case, the Nokia 7.1 will come in Blue and Steel colors packing 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The asking price of the handset will be €399.



Reader comments

OK, I'm pleased with the answer. I'm getting my Mate 10 Pro tomorrow, I'm very excited

Any issue to you if I trust those 2 brands than Sammy? FYI, I used to own S4 and S8 but those gave me not so pleasant experiences better than my Mate 10 and 7 plus do.

Read more of my comments in here. You see the list of phones of nokia i have used. I really dont see the difference in quality. Is it either Nokia or Xiaomi. It has same quality feel in hand. If you feel that Nokia feels better in hand, then it's p...

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