Nokia 7310 Supernova

Nokia 7310 Supernova

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  • nokia fan

im really very interested in buying this phone but b4 dat i want someone whos bought this phone to tell me abt its battery life n sound [loudspeaker]quality of d phone is i loud enpugh to not miss calls in crowded areas...
can somone plz give a review of this phone...

  • cali

i meant leema's comment btw.

  • cali

it has tv outlet thats nice, how much does it cost and for the comment before me, some english education is needed before post comment lol.

  • Pepita

I want to know - Do you have any problems with 7310? I want to get, but I don't know 7310 or 3120 classic?

  • kejsi

why don,t suport 6 gb? i,m trying and nothing


its a nice phone

  • leema

i Buy this handphone.. But Why Usb Cabel and memory card Not Have?why the camera is toooo slow?

  • FiefieY87..

i Buy this handphone..
But Why Usb Cabel Not Have?

  • gtjr


micro usb cable

  • Candy

What kind of USB data cable is compatible with this phone???

  • abdul riyaz


  • rochelly

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh its another 6500!!!

  • Jeremy

Just bought one today, cost me about USD170.
Only comes with Manual, warranty card, charger and a stereo headset. No CD included, but can be downloaded from Nokia HK.
It's quite thin already and I don't think the thinner version of 7210 will feel comfortable in the palm.
Color of the screen is good but resolution a bit less than 6120C. Sound volume doesn't suprise me, loudness was par with other phone. Well it's normal for such a thin phone.
When idle, the screen turn off and looks like a mirror reflection. It's quite unique for a Nokia products. But the fininshing is prompt to finger print, especially the silver plated keypad:- but the keypad egonormic was good.
Well still exploring....

  • Anonymous

What is the point of this when the 7210 is slimmer, lighter and looks far better?

  • DB Jugar (Gensan, Ph

I really like this's cute and simple...the problem is don't have this I wish to own my dreams! (maybe some of this days I could own one...)NOKIA the best!!!

  • Anonymous

the software is realy S40 6th Edition.­ion-en.shtml

  • Simon

How can we reduce theft of phones?Is there away by which if your phone is stolen then the person who stole it cant be able to use it?

  • Ahmed Abd El Fattah-

3110 By Another Colors
Only TVout The New
But What About The Price
It Will Be Not Good If It More Than 1500 L.E
Any One Reply Me

  • Anonymous

The 2 megapixel camera has turned me off this phone, shame cause like the look of it!!!

  • babygirl

it's very cute,love the colours and it's very easy to understand