Nokia 7310 Supernova

Nokia 7310 Supernova

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  • Anonymous

I like it ,If it could have a 3g , I think it could be the best of all,nice,simple and portability

  • b0y

I like it and I want it! It's simple and beautiful.

  • seraphina

fyi, this phone is one of the best selling nokia phone in the market back in my is in fact the best selling phone among those within this range of function n is affordable,great design n da functions are good enough for those who doesn't need 3g n other fancy functions.
come on..nok phones r not perfect, but s/e phones r also not perfect k..didnt anyone heard about cracked keypads or joystick problem?=.=

  • celladik

think of it. it does not meant that when a come out as of today nor in future, it will always have 3g 5pix or 3, wlan etc. imagine nokia has the courage to produce a kind of unit like this because they know even if the specs are only like this is will hit the market.

  • Lia

Simple n fashionable

  • Dee

Very ugly!No tkx.

  • Dani

The Design is a joke.....

  • Chamon

It's a little bit better to look than the others of Supernova series...

  • Z

ugly phone!

  • seraphina

nice phone..i like da design da 1st time i saw it..besides the speaker sounds great compared to other nokia phones such as nokia 5610,5310 n n81. in my opinion 7310 sounds better when u play rock music..5610 may be loud but the quality of the sound is not even qualify to be in da Xpressmusic line-up..well that is after all my opinion..

  • Anonymous

very good looking phone

  • 1st! :P

I'm first! That phone is good, but not very fashionable..