Nokia 7600

Nokia 7600

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  • Anonymous

to the person below me..
Buy it and shove it up in ur ass... it will suit there better and will never change for a zillion years :)

  • Anonymous

i wouldn't change nokia in a million years... i think 7600 has great design, fancy and different than any other so i'm buyin' it...

  • Dr.Octupus

Perfect funktions but not so good disein!!

  • 5 u2 y4

is it phone or candy?
but nice anyway......

  • Anonymous

Talisman technology to be worn around ones neck...

Captian Kirk to the bridge...

  • Anonymous

hey Tarkan
the resolution for the camera is 640x480 and for the video camera it is 128x96)

Gule Gule

  • Anonymous

Hey, somebody said tht the 7650's keypad mechanism was developed by Nokia and stole by Siemens. He was actually WRONG, AGAIN. Siemens had SL 10 in the stoneage with that mechanism. You can look after it. Why doesn't people learn tht Nokia had never invented anything "new"? MMS, EMS, li-pol batteries, 3G, camera colour screen, 3-band fones, polyphonic sounds, NOTHING. They're waiting for the others to develop something, than steal it.

  • Pagoda

Oh my God...
It's not fashion detail like Siemens's Xelibri series... or is it?
To Marco Ferrara:
U want some ideas? How much do you pay your designers? Did anyone *tested* usability of this phone before it hit... errrr.. splashed the market?

  • Nils -> Marco Ferara

Hey Marco,
If you would like some ideas for Nokia's opcoming models, email me for instance... I have a few idea's!

  • marco ferara

hi i work at nokia we are working on solutions for the phone and i think that phone is bad but mabe you could make something better.mabe you have a new idea for us.since that idea came from the public. thank you.

  • vyza

this design of this mobile.., so great.. !!! I'm waiting for this mobile................

  • KulangoT

hi tarkan, sorry i guess the resolution isn't ur problem, but do u think that u can use camera in Ankara? This city has hundreds of military services and photos are forbidden!!You better find an other place to live since you won't be able to live without a camera fone.

  • Tarkan

hello from turkey, ankara!i want know resolution of the camera of the phone, pls tell me!

  • pinkpanther

What the * is this ?!? It looks rather like a butter toast and certainly not like a cell phone. It could candidate for Guiness's "Ugliest cellular ever", if ther's such a thing; if there's not they'll surely invent it now...

  • komar

well guys ... wake up ..
NOKIA has done good job, well no external memory in this 7600... bad nah ??

  • Anonymous

s h i t p h o n e

nice job nokia

  • Anonymous

Mini version of Siemens SX1..? I can't imagine calling people using this phone.. Anyway, the screen display looks good.. but the design is so bad..

  • nokia S*CK

what de hell is this?!! ergh! the design...oh man~~~ pity nokia~~nothing can say...dis phone looks really X 10000 S*CK~

  • Anonymous

Rew: "In fact, Siemens copied SX1 keypad design from Nokia as Nokia had that type of design in one of their Series 60 concept phones some years ago"

So Nokia accidentally invented the keypad design. To design is to translate into form what will satisfy the needs and requirements of end users. Siemens designed the SX1 keypads with a realistic purpose hence it did not copy it but reinvented it correctly.

And what can you say about Nokia copying the sliding style of the Siemens SL10 for the 7650? The 7650 is already big in size and when you slide it open, it's even bigger!!! Design purpose is defeated again. Then Siemens reinstated the real purpose of the sliding mechanism in the SL55. It made the design valid again.

  • Hari Seldon

Nokia can't do naything else, but copy! Did you know that the slogen "Connecting people" had stolen from Ericcson? It wasn't copyrighted, and they stole it, and made it to their slogen...