Nokia 7600

Nokia 7600

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  • Faizan

I like this mobile can I know the price of this mobile?

  • Chemical

This is the worst try to make something different! Man, it sucks!! It so ugly, so inpractical..

  • Rew

Hmm, looks like they have updated their site to meet requirements of Series 60 2.0

  • Rew

In fact, Siemens copied SX1 keypad design from Nokia as Nokia had that type of design in one of their Series 60 concept phones some years ago.,,4819,00.html

  • Anonymous

it defeated the real purpose why siemens designed the SX1 keypads. Siemens wanted to reduce the size of the phone that's why they developed these keypad design. But Nokia, who copied the design wasted the real benefits of that keypad design, this 7600 phone even became larger. So why the need for such a keypad if it is a large phone anyway. I can't see Nokia's logic here. Nokia is indeed "TRYING HARD to stay in the market". this 7600 sucks again

  • Anonymous

Objectively, all odd shaped phones that Nokia released in the past did not sell much. The N-gage did not attract consumers much as the simple 3310, and 3210 did. People are not attracted to Nokia anymore. They want to try different brands so it's a sad fact to Nokia that no matter how they do their best in attracting consumers, the consumers are simply tired of their phones. SE, Samsung, Motorola, Siemens, Panasonic phones are the ones getting the "oohs" and "ahhs" today.

  • Dj_Francis

very good design and seems quite confortable to use: the dimensions of this phone are very unique, hope its price would not be too expensive and its release date not too late !

  • Anonymous

Oh boy a complete Siemens SX1 rip-off!

  • Anonymous

f*cking SHITT fone. Hey these f*cking NOKIA is trieng to Copy Siemens SX1 Key pad haha.. Nice try NOKIA. f*ch OFF.. NOKIA DESIGN SUXX...

  • Emmmm...

hey! cool phone.i think so, that it looks good and treasure design but who could tell me what should we do wile we are talking. i mean what should we hold it. i could not imagine; or else, it may be like we are holding pan cake while we are talking. Don't think a lot nokia. you had tried your best, and it also very beutiful, but you should think of the using huumm.. i love all designs of nokia and this one is okay and good also but...IT'S NOT SUITABLE FOR USING.....WELL DONE NOKIA

  • Taste

Dont know why all people get angry and cry: bad, ugly ....

You MUST NOT buy it if you dant want to. Tastes of people are different (AND I AM GLAD ABOUT IT).
We are not in china 30 years ago: All wear the same clothes, had the samy bikes ....)

We have capitalism. If people will not buy, nokia will never design such a phone. Lets see....

  • Saaduk

unbelieveable shit!!,

nokia try to cheat from siemens.. but makes shit

  • Boom

what the fuck is this?!!!
i think nokia designers have lost their marbles.
if only nokia would release another 9xxx communicator with BT and cam, and not this stupid looking square! then they will keep their loyal users, but this is a waste of time and money

  • eric

his handphone is a bit different comparing to previous nokia handphone!
a nice try!

  • v!n

Anyone know da price for Nokia 6600 and 7600 pls? Which one do u think is better? I would like to compare within these two hand phones =) thanks everyone.

  • Anonymous

Know someone if that shit have roulette?

  • Anonymous

what is that? unbelievable.. i hope it is a nice phone.. Nokia has a few bad design lately.. and this is one of those.. I can imagine holding it and call..

  • Anonymous

This phone is like a PDA ...bigger than a PDA.... 123g, its LCD just look a monitor haha. anyway cool to have multitasking. But what do u mean by u can talk and take camera?

  • milky way

cool.the design is very is better than another.great!!!

  • Anonymous

Who sys its 3G?
Nokia sure knows how to raise the bar on the uglyness scale. Does have some good features and memory, but can't see where you'd carry it.