Nokia 7600

Nokia 7600

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  • caff

No video call??............Damn nokia, why is this call 3G phone then??? People expect to do video call on 3G phone !!!!!!! Nokia totally stuff up big time !

  • Daisy

This phone looks weird.I don't like the design.Can you imagine holding such a phone day and night?it doesn't even look like a phone.I think it will not work in the market.

  • Anonymous

Is there an aple flavor with these pie?

  • Anonymous

The keypad looks like Siemens SX1.. Nokia copied the design from Siemens? =) This is the future? But it seems that the design is real bad.. like a dinner plate! =)

  • asa

cooooooolllll differeeenttt to another

  • Ja:nus

I don't know what to say.. look of this phone suck.. but in the other way tihs phone look cool :P 29 mb memory... this phone will cost a lot i think..

  • liam ali

dont talk shite if you have not seen that in real life!!!
i have 20 of these phone im selling them in cafe india at cardonald.

  • Anonymous

how to call by this shit??? oops, nokia will loose

  • Anonymous

What a piece of shit from Nokia

  • _b4g3r_

It's not symbian OS...
What no MMC slot? :(

  • Daniel

Nice phone, keyboard is a copy of the SX1 from Siemens. About the operating system ... this is from Nokia or Symbian ? Wait & see ...