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  • cheetos

i love 7610

  • striker

'SAR ratings' i wans't completely wrong. i based what i said on steven hawkings 'astronomically high SAR rating' quote. and i did say it as 'i haven't checked what the 7610 is rated at but going from what steve said, it may well be near 2 W/kg', i wasn't wrong, info was. yea i should have checked, but i really couldn't be fuked.

  • striker

yea i've since checked the SAR rating on the 7610, which is 0.54 W/kg, only 0.06 more than the SE k700i. steven hawking you need to source your info better.

  • Adam

Just got a list of SAR ratings for some other phones, pay attention all you SE fans.

SE p900 - 0.91W/kg
SE T630 - 0.80W/kg
Sharp GX20 - 0.59W/kg

I think the Nokia 7610 fair pretty well against most other leading phones on the market and considering its power Nokia have done a Top Job once again. Talk about Nokia bringing bricks to the market, you SE ppl want to look at the P800,900 from Sony Ericsson. Show me an Ericsson phone that is smaller than the 7610 and has the same features, 1M camera, Symbian operating system with 64mb MMC card, Excel reader, word reader, full length movie playback, mp3 player the list goes on. And don't forget the next one will be even smaller like this is smaller than the 6600. I rest my case.

  • SAR ratings

After reading wat Striker said, i decided to find the SAR ratings on the phones that are out now
So here they are:
Nokia 7610= 0.54W/kg
Nokia 6230= .59 W/kg
Sony Ericsson K700i= .48 W/kg
Panasonic X70= 0.459 W/kg
Motorola V600= 0.82 W/kg

Its true what striker said, that microwaves vibrate water, fat, oil molecules. But when he said the SAR rating is close too 2 W/kg(which is the limit) for this phone he was completely wrong because as you can see its well below it(0.54 W/kg)

  • Anonymous

nokia beats them all i will buy it in 2 weeks

  • striker

those that dont know, SAR, as steven hawking previously said, means Specific Absorption Rate. the overall maximum allowable by average word standards is 2 W/kg.

basically, if your body/brain tissue absorbs more than that, you will be fucked ie. tumor in your head. i haven't checked what the 7610 is rated at but going from what steve said, it may well be near 2 W/kg, compared with the SE k700i rated at 0.48 W/kg.

to sum up, the waves used by a phones signal lie between the wavelength of radio waves and microwaves.

what does a microwave do? it cooks things. how does it do this? by vibrating the water molecules inside the food to heat it up. and what is in your brain? water! so, the lower the SAR rating on your phone, the less likely you are going to fry your brain and grow a tumor in years to come.

but i don't have to worry about this, im getting a k700i.

  • SE Supporter

NOKIA is lousy. SE is the best. 7610 is so lousy.. BYE Nokia. Fuck Nokia. Hell Nokia

  • Anonymous

SE is so S**t its untrue

  • SE Supporter

Dear Mr Wil and Mr Adam,
Both of you have just won the champion for bringing bricks as phones to the market. Well, remember to show those vegetable sellers in the market your beautiful bricks (7610). Hell Nokia and Bravo Sony Ericsson~!!!

  • wil

well i've got this phone and i have to say it looks darn cool, the design is just good, wait til you hold and feel it then you'll know how good it is

  • Adam

What many people here are forgetting, the nokia 7610 compared to the SE k700i and sharp gx20,30 is larger but has enough power to blow both phones away. It has it's own operating system and I think the design is really NOW!! top marks to nokia.

  • nikos

this mobile phone is exellent.


potential buyers of this phone need to be aware of the astronomically high s-a-r rating. a feature nokia choose not to list is its capability to fry an egg inbetween two of these models.


be true!! good lad!! striker we aint bothered about ur income luv!! dont brag. still a good phone!!

  • DMz

which phone is bes for my investment?
6630, 6260,or 6170 all NOkia

  • thomas

as striker sais, this is a place where everybody can write what they think of the cell and where the people who are having trouble deciding which cell to buy, can read some opinions of it.

but please, to everyone using this forum... don't just write nokia sucks and SE is the best. nobody will take your opinions for good info if you sound like a child

  • striker

this is an opinion forum, you can say someting without being asked. and so you know, thomas and i were discussing the keypad further down.

p.s. 'be true', that remark about not being able to afford the phone was obviously directed at me. if you knew what my income was you wouldn't have said that. pov biatch


STRIKER: who asked u!!!!!!! i like this phone alot!

  • Be True

Good camera and video.

No infrared-disappointing...

Sharp & clear pictures but somtime quite deem. I don't know why....

Can read chinese and a good chinese dictionary...

For those cannot afford to buy kindly pls do not critise the phone here.

Be fair and be true to yourself....