Nokia 7610

Nokia 7610

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  • ijo

ı have 6230 but i want 7610 wich is better

  • annoyed!!!

excuse me SIPPY ive just got this phone on orange & its a small phone prob the same size as a 7250i. so think b4 u speak!

  • Sippy

Who would want a brick shaped phone just for some added features wen u have small and beautiful phones like SE K700i which is packed with so many good features. If u are so desirable for features only then PC is a good substitute. Hey u nokia fans open ur eyes to what SE engineers have in store for u in future as well.Good luck SE .....I am with u , booooooo nokia. Learn to make good-looking phones......

  • fofo

that mobile is weired ! strange, silly. SonyEricsoon is the best ! and F*** nokia

  • Marco


Anybody here has tried the Beta ICQ_S60 for Series 60 in Nokia 7610 ?

I tried and it works for some seconds and then ICQ disconnected from
GPRS....but GPRS is still working....
Do you know any other ICQ applications for Nokia 7610?

Thanks for your suggestions !

  • anthony

just to i check the manufacture date of my phone? I only know *#0000# and *#06#. is there other codes?

  • DieJay

Does any1 know where I am able to download the ULTRA MP3 Player for the nokia 7610? And how to install it? I can't Use Aplication installer with PC suite, but I am able to put it directly on my phone. Please help. Thx...

  • panda

so is this phone worthless as an mp3 player?..

  • sx1 or 7610

with is the best sx1 or 7610 (be onest)
and does it support wav or mp3 ringtones
and is the mp3 player realy that bed out of 10(eg 5/10)


Which sound formats does the Nokia 7610 phone support?
SP MIDI (decoding), RMF (decoding), AMR-NB (narrow band encoding and decoding), AMR-WB (decoding), WAV (encoding and decoding), Real Audio (decoding), MIDI (up to 48 polyphonics)

i dont know if this would be a usefull answer to whom ask about the stereo or mono sound

  • UK

I m from Pakistan.I was using 6600 prior to 7610.In my view main diff btween two is mega pixel camera, width n weight of phone is also bit less than 6600.But i was astonished that no head phon was available with the phone so how can U make use of that so called MP3 player??I m big fan of Nokia but I m 100% clear that Nokia people r very clever n they never give 100% in a single phone!as U can see the features of upcoming 6630 which has 1.3 mega pixel camera n multi shot option as well.On the whole i like the design of the phon as its quite stylish and black n red combinition is cool!!!

  • striker

sony ericsson k700i is a better all rounded phone i reckon. 7610 is too big and that keypad dun look very easy to use, sure its a smart phone, but the keypad looks like its been designed using centripetal force. and who the hell picks up chicks with their phone?? lol :p

  • Josh

Great phone! Does everything i need! The settings wizard didn't work with my o2 pay as u go sim card so i had to call up nokia (because o2 dont have the phone so you have to call nokia) and get the settings! But the rest of the phones great!

  • Doctor X meet again

Buy the Sendo X, much better then this big stupid ugly made Neukia. Also his price (about 550 euro in Europe) is a bit too high. The UK Sendo rules up here and is the best smart phone you can buy now.

  • SuperHer0

try SE K700 , i think is better , cheaper and more nice looking

  • max

Can this phone record voice memos for more than one hour continuously? Tnx.


gr8 phone with gr8 feautres..

  • Sec

wORDANCE : would it make a difference if u knew or not? Most Nokias display several lines of text normally 6 or 7 lines.....because of the standard type of display most top of the range nokias use.
If u want a screen that displays many lines then u better get the nokia 9500 or 9210i.

  • Keon Withy

Great phone but why there is no infra red ports. Send me a price for the nokia 7610 because i want one in a hurry please.

  • wordance

i did read the specs but it didnt mention abt it. it only gave the resolution, 176*208, did not indicate how many lines of text would that be.