Nokia 7610

Nokia 7610

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  • Anonymous

you better go for a N3310....

  • watgyi

highly appreciate if someone can tell me the software that can enlarge menu letter, now the letter for menu and all in 7610 are too small, i found my friend use 6600 and his menu letter are pretty large and bold. thanks all.

  • Bryan

Can this phone download songs from the computer????

  • peer Ghazanfar hussa

last year i bought n7610 after 2 onth i saled it,after this i bought n3230 saled it now last weak i bought n6680 and used some hours saled it dont like i hate it i hate 6630 because 6630,n6680,n6681 all fone Bad crap all these fones have a soft problem whn open gallery fone give error "oppeining" so v bad fones aal thay but i love n7610 great fone great loook sexy loooook hahaha its beatry timeng nice

  • bob

does anyone know wether nokia7610 support the wmv file??? emel me to gve ur answer at hurry ok!! thanx!!

  • Alok

this is a wounderful which i am using please increase its price because its very causious to me.

  • Ivan

I have had this phone for a year. It is a great phone. The things I can say wrong about this phone is that when you go thru the menus and particularly the images, I find it slow. Also I bought a clear plastic cover and I had to cut out the nav button section to get the response I want, if I didn't it just presses other buttons. The design looks great but if you got big fingers you might find it hard to press some buttons. This phone has pretty much got what Nokia has to offer except the radio. Overall it is a great phone. Hope you find this useful.

  • Remus

I have this phone for about an year, it is great u can do a lot of things with him even use it like a wecam, it is great.
the only bad thing it is that it move very slowly it is because of the symbian60

  • leo _21

hi im from the mobile capital of the world,the philippines.and here phones does change faster than we change our clothes everyday.but ild like to say that i really love my nokia 7610.its bin almost 2 years of feeling elegant classic with this phone.and it has all the basic functions which u can actually update based on symbian software so its not bad.and the camera options is superb.ive tried comparing the actual photo from my 7610 to the n70 of my friends and it came clear rather than having 2 meg pixel lense.anyway as a review of the phone and having it for a long time.i guarantee u that everymoment is a nice one and your sure to love its features.chill out fashionistas

  • risa

I love this phone, it's so pretty. I've had it about a year now, and i'll never get rid of it even when i buy a new phone. I love it, if it has scratch all over, i'll just buy a new case for it.
I'll never get rid of it
It's the ultimate beauty

  • bhanu

don,t care for d features they r pretty gud. It,s one of the best looking mobiles. Moreover it,s price has never felt very much as compared to N6630. It also rings loud.It has a gud reputation.

  • Ashutosh Sharma

it is one of the best eye cathing h/st frm nokia. Indeed radio happens to b included to make it a diamond amongst gems.

  • Blagoy

I had it for 19 months. I use it a lot and ithas outstanding performance - no worries with it.

  • Anonymous

can ths phone set photo as the theme?

  • Kyle

Definately one of the best looking Nokia handsets ever! A true design beauty that broke away from the norm yet was still paractical enought to be used everyday. Only things lacking were the stereo output for Mp3 and FM radio. Camera great. Should be re-launcged in a diferent guise with 3G and a 2megapixel camera. Wud be awesome!

  • mihvullitsi

it's the best phone ever coz i own one for more than one year and it's still in good condition, only for a fact that there's no radio, but it's okay, it's still bearable.

  • brrip

it's slow cause its symbian.. its a versatile phone, and the symbian allows it to store thousands of smses. so yeah think about it. i've had it for 2 years and it's still in the market. not many phones last that long nowadays, and this one did for good reason.


its amazing,fantastic,wonderful.its excellent

  • shan

is there an mp3 player in 7610 and is it possible to use a ear set

  • live

the best nokia phone ever.the all in one phone,but the stereo sound & radio r missing