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  • Witchking

I'm away from my works PC, but I will reply to those who still need games and apps etc when I get back on Monday.

Ref mapview, there is a forum on the web site which explains how you get the maps working. I dont have the software with me, but you basically need to convert .jpgs etc using a convertor that you can find links to on the web or in that forum. I must admit I have not been able to convert a map as yet, but then I have been busy.

The only way to connect the phone to a pc / mac is either via the USB cable or Bluetooth. It does not have irda or anything else like that sadly.

Firmware: the method of downloading it etc is expensive and dangerous. You need to go to a service centre and get it done there. The lastest firmware is 4.01.0 in most of the world. It should not cost any momeny to do this.

The p910i is older than the 7710 and is showing it. The sound quality of the 7710 is better imho, having heard both. Mp3s on the headset are great and stereo, but from the phone are mono, but still really good. I would have liked them louder, but people have said you can convert your Cd's into MP3's and set the loudness up when you convert. Overall though, the 7710 sound is very good and more than loud enough indoors (outside in traffic, its hard to hear it).

The phone cannot run uig/p910 software. It can run s90 software and some s80 software. I've also had some s60 apps work, but I couldn't interact with them as I had no keyboard :o)

Nobel, you have to go into the phone application and enter a code. It is something like #*6000#, but I cant recall without being at work. Go to and look on their Nokia thread and it will tell you or I will on Monday (though I think its already been told here as well).

Picodrive allows you to play sega megadrive and sega genesis roms. eemame allows you to play old arcade game roms. BEst standalone games are sky force, superminer, jewel rumble and no mans land.

Hope this helps, got to dash.

  • Mohit

Junior & Geek, I just send you the required mail.Enjoy!

  • Mohit

Even I am looking for maps to use with the GPS thing.There's a software called GPS trackmaker, but I found just one map on its site. and I can't convert it into the required format because I don't have a associated jpg fileof the map with it.

  • michele

i want to know if is possible to connect the nokia 7710 with a Apple macosx in WIRELESS, not bluetooth..thanx


Fom where i can get maps for GPS program?

  • jr

hey ppl please i want themes for 7710 and some games the mobile is amazin in every thing but except no entertainment :( ... plz send me an email if u have ne themes or games .( ) oh yea one more thing wen i was checkin out the catalog the fones mp3 had {name of the song } { the artist } { the length } but mine has { name of the song nd the artist } { date it was entered } { size of song } nd the space to c the name of the song is too lil ... like if i entered nelly - errtime this is how it is in my fone nelly - er.. 15/07/2005 9.5MB ... nd its really anoyin me .. PLZ help me :(


Just spoke to the nokia ppl about the new firmware. The easiest way is to go to tne service center-usually Carphonewarehouse in London or any big town. Take ur proof of purchase and be prepared to live the phone for 24 hours at least(in the busy periods-weekends).
Dont waste ur time to speak over the phone with them-they r so unhelpful and for most of the thinks dont know the answer-spoke with 4 ppl which didnt know what is firmware.


How to change the firmwire on the i have to go to nokia serviceor to downloade ti from somwhere. do i have to store somewhere all the programs or they will stay on the phone.
pls give me an answer.
thank u

  • Dhiraj

Hi Everyone !

I ordered this phone 2 weeks ago but the NPDs in Mumbai,India were running out of stock. So I had to wait and finally got it on 13-Jul-05.

It is :

V 04.01.0
(C) Nokia

And boy, it is really fast and even better than the Communicator I had before.

  • sukhu

hi evryone & specilly hugo & witchking.

i just wanted to know how to play games on my nokia phone

does picodrive helps in it
plz help

  • Mohit

Thanks a lot to Witchking for helping me out.I really appreciate the help.Thanks.

  • Nobel

How can I check firmware version in Nokia 7710?

  • Mohit

Thanks for reminding Hugo.yes, I did find Whitchking's posts very useful.Thanks to him as well that I'm stiking on to my 7710.But,can anyone pl. send me some themes/games at be really thankful.

  • Anonymous

Hello. Can this fone run uig programs such as those from p910?

  • Nobel

I'll upgrade my mobile very soon.That's why I want to know if anyone knows the sound quality of Nokia 7710.I heard the sound quality (as ringtone in the speaker) of Sony Ericsson p910i.And it was just superb.Could anyone plz tell me about the sound quality of Nokia 7710 as mp3 ringtone? Compared to Sony Ericsson p910i which one is better??

And another thing.Recently I have come to the knowledge of firmware upgrading.Without going to the Nokia Servie center how can I upgrade my firmware? From which site should I download the firmware updated version??


If someone have some games for 7710 can u please send it to me or give me some links from where i can download. i am looking for the SUPER MINERS full version.
thank u

  • siddarth

is new firmware 4.01 available in a new phone. wana buy it . can some1 help? i am from india

  • jaykidd

Perhaps one of the most interesting game in n7710 currently is the Superminers. The full version(c.r.a.c.k.e.d) :) is available. I suppose by posting the link here is useless as the admin will certainly remove my posting. However there's a bug with this version(c.r.a.c.k.e.d) at level 28. Let me know if you need it. I will help you.

  • WItchking

FireWire (also known as i.Link or IEEE 1394) is a personal computer and digital video serial bus interface standard offering high-speed communications and isochronous real-time data services. FireWire can be considered a successor technology to the obsolescent SCSI Parallel Interface.

Almost all modern digital camcorders have included this connection since 1995. All Macintosh computers currently produced have built-in FireWire ports, as do all Sony PCs and many PCs intended for home or professional audio/video use. FireWire is also used on the Apple iPod music player, permitting new tracks to be uploaded in a few seconds and also for the battery to be recharged concurrently with one cable.

Firmware: You must go to a Nokia Service Centre. The alternative involves buying the firmware, a special cable, an eeprom blower and software. I would not recommend it.

Have sent e-mails to those who asked for me to do so.

  • Amit

Hey Dhiraj

Could you please tell me where did you buy N7710 from.'cos I've been advised by a no. of Nokia dealers that Nokia has not yet released the stock for it's latest version of N7710 & need to wait for some more time.I'm from Bangalore,India.I've been waiting to buy the same.It would be helpful for me if you can at least e-mail me with proper information about this.

Thank you in advance!