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Nokia 7 plus

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AnonD-742758, 06 Mar 2018nice phone but price little high.300-350 will be more appropriate ;)

  • Anonymous

How much does thing phone cost in Ireland/Uk

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2018but view 10 has 6gb ram and 12gb internal..I am just an average user with more usage of reading apps. I don't think it would require 6GB. 4 Gb in nokia 7 plus and a stock Android 8.0 should work like a butter. I do agree V10 has more customization and a superior chipset. But Snapdragon 660 is similar to 820 and can work in all conditions. Might not be relevant after 2019

LAKHAN A.S, 05 Feb 2018Must be IP68 certified and must have front zies camera.......It is not IP68 rated

  • AnonD-742758

nice phone but price little high.

I was going for Xiaomi Mi Note 3 but no BAND 20 support so I was waiting for a mid range phone(SD660) that has band 20 support and it has all the specs I'd want to see and this phone seems to have almost all of them. Only thing missing is OIS, other than that it's great :D

  • Anonymous

harshzzptl, 06 Mar 2018This phone is going to be an excellent entry in Indian Mark... morebut view 10
has 6gb ram and 12gb internal..

wow, nokia 8 shirocco is disapoitment but this will be best phone for the price. 660 is like 820 witch still runs fine in all apps and games ,and 660 comes even with some improvements. Nokia , HMD whatever i respect Zeiss , even old lumia 1020 have one of better cameras today! i am an lg fan but V30 is just mess, Ai, without AI , +,basic , S, basic again... sorry LG but i go for this . I cant wait for nokia 9 since my screen is broken now (still works) but i dont know how long it will be alive, so soon , bye V20 , hello N7+

This phone is going to be an excellent entry in Indian Market if it prices arounf 25K. All the initial hands on review by experts have been positive. Waiting for a release and battery test along with camera and charging speed. The only competitior is Honor View 10

  • LG Fan

AnonD-741678, 02 Mar 2018hi, i just want to ask which is better? nokia 8 or nokia 7 ... moreToss a coin. Whatever you anticipated for before the coin lands is the one you want.

personal preference: Nokia 7 plus

floepke, 05 Mar 2018Fingerprint scanner not on the front ? ....bad decision fro... moreAre you serious?

  • AnonD-145316

Nokia better be mass producing millions of Nokia 7 plus because I foresee this to be the most purchased Nokia phone ever!!

  • sn

anyone know when is this phone coming out? i know it says april but what date? i see this phone has no release date in the us which is quite disappointing as i want to purchase it. anyone know if this going to be available in thanks

  • AnonD-145316

floepke, 05 Mar 2018Fingerprint scanner not on the front ? ....bad decision fro... moreLemme just laugh at this comment hahaha! Really? Are you being serious??

  • AnonD-735341

Does it have any sound enhancement??

Fingerprint scanner not on the front ? ....bad decision from Nokia !, and still to much bezel !..

  • Adoron

Anonymous, 01 Mar 2018I'm weighing between this phone or Samsung Galaxy A8. Which... moreSamsung's flagship devices are great but their mid-rangers? Not so IMO. Not to mention Samsung's unpredictability regarding software updates of their midrange devices. You might just wanna pick Nokia or check other brands like Sony or LG when it comes to mid range phones. Honestly.

  • eidz

Jaggu dada, 03 Mar 2018Which will be better among Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 8 (old one) ... more1+5T

  • Anonymous

Roni, Bangladesh, 04 Mar 20181080 x 2160 pixels, 18:9 ratio (~403 ppi density is not goo... moreWhy? It's not like you're able to differentiate between 350+ ppi anyway. 400+ is more than enough.

  • AnonD-741714

AnonD-735303, 26 Feb 2018Asking price is 400 euros!! they could give an amoled displ... moreThat would add another 100€ to the Phone.