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  • Joeyy
  • R0G
  • 07 Jun 2021

Telme, 01 Apr 2021This phone has issues, I guess you never used it, the displ... moreBest phone I've had just keeps going ,presents with the copper trim better than even current flagship phones, if they released another with upgraded specs I would order no problems , non of Nokia's other phones looked as good as the 7 plus.

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    • HsF
    • 25 May 2021

    Best phone ever made and used. Sharing review after using it for 3yrs without any issue.
    Never used any phone for such a long period.
    Everything is best about it. majorly the battery backup still giving me the same output as it was new. Really impressed.
    Hope we get such kind of masterpiece from Nokia again. eagerly waiting

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      • OverFlow
      • Su9
      • 21 May 2021

      Telme, 01 Apr 2021This phone has issues, I guess you never used it, the displ... moreHey! I bought this phone 3 years ago and I had all the problems everybody here described and I could solve them and am still happy with this phone!

      The screen freezing: This is a hardware issue most likely caused by crappy screens or a shitty panel driver that should get updatet once you send in your phone for screen replacement. (I know this advice comes late, since most Warranties have probably run out by now).
      But this solved the issue for me. PS: This is the THIRD screen that I have on this phone. The first one died abruptly while using it. Then I got a replacement screen. Soon afterwards the screen freezing started. I tried to live with it until that screen also died abruptly. I had a quick fight with the Nokia support over if I still had warranty (which I won) and got my phone repaired for free for the second time now.
      Now I am happy with a functioning screen, no freezing, no backlighting problems. No issues.

      For the battery drain: SWITCH OFF THE F****NG AI Battery optimization, like every tech forum recommends and recalibrate your charging electronics. (google knows how to do that!)

      The only issues that I still face is that Snapchat sometimes crashes or cannot access the camera. But this is not really surprizing since I use a GCAM-Mod to get Pixel like quality photos from this phone.

      Sumary: This phone is great! You just need the will and the skill to use it t othe best of its abilities!

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        • RandomGuy
        • 3xV
        • 19 May 2021

        Telme, 01 Apr 2021This phone has issues, I guess you never used it, the displ... moreUsing this phone for 3 years already. Never had any kind of problem. Battery lasting record was 5 days, believe or not. With some casual use have to charge it once in 2 days. Great phone so far and not even planning to swap to anything else.

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          • Booby Pongo
          • TiY
          • 15 May 2021

          Trav, 15 May 2021It's already mid of May and I haven't received th... moreWhat are you getting then?

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            • Trav
            • I@a
            • 15 May 2021

            It's already mid of May and I haven't received the lastest software update yet for April. I guess the last software update for this phone was that of March? A few months more and I'll be upgrading.

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              • DAVE
              • mE0
              • 13 May 2021

              Bought this phone from argos uk 2019 feb £239.00 its lasted me 2 years with same old story charging usb c faults badly constructed ,battery draining,HMD GLOBAL wanted me to send it in with a cost of nearly the price of the phone to repair.
              All i can say is from my experience dont buy NOKIA until they have come up with a cheaper repair service.

                Devil2Death, 26 Apr 2021This phone will complete 3 years on 30th April 2021. Most p... moreSo today is the 3rd anniversary for Nokia 7 Plus. I must admit it was one of the few phones designed & manufactured by HMD that was truly worthy of iconic Nokia brand.

                In my eyes the best phone HMD ever made adorning the Nokia logo. This phone is one of my prized possessions and I plan to keep it for years to come.

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                  • Devil2Death
                  • pTt
                  • 30 Apr 2021

                  3210, 30 Apr 2021Even though I already bought the new Xiaomi redmi note 10, ... moreSimilar experience here. No lags so far. No charging port issue either.

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                    • Devil2Death
                    • pTt
                    • 30 Apr 2021

                    Booby Pongo, 28 Apr 2021Well look, even if this phone is great, which admittedly it... moreI agree with you but when Nokia 7 plus was launched, no other company was promising three years of updates or guaranteed two OS updates to their mid range phones. That, coupled with Great build & aesthetics, made nokia 7 plus great value for money. It completed promised 3 years today. And we are still talking about another two years of usage (hoping no mishaps).
                    Currently other companies have started updating their mid rangers with at least two OS updates. Samsung has promised 3 OS updates & 4 years support to most of A series phones. That's next step in right direction. Not sure if my next phone will be Nokia but I do plan to use this phone till it really starts annoying me (so far it hasn't. No hardware issues either).

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                      • 3210
                      • sxs
                      • 30 Apr 2021

                      Even though I already bought the new Xiaomi redmi note 10, the Nokia 7 plus is still my primary phone. The performance is still like brand new and the battery can last me 1 and a half day with casual usage. I'm one of the lucky users that did not get a charging port issue since I used a magnetic cable when I bought the 7 plus. I hope Nokia would make another phone with a build quality like the 7 plus without the common hardware issues.

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                        • Booby Pongo
                        • TiY
                        • 28 Apr 2021

                        Devil2Death, 26 Apr 2021This phone will complete 3 years on 30th April 2021. Most p... moreWell look, even if this phone is great, which admittedly it is, it doesn't matter, because it has simply outlasted its support. Nokia built a phone that can go on for 5 years or more, and abandoned it in three years and only two Android updates. Also, it wasn't cheap, so yeah, it should have lasted three years with that price tag.

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                          • Devil2Death
                          • pTt
                          • 26 Apr 2021

                          This phone will complete 3 years on 30th April 2021. Most people would have switched to new ones by now. Those who did not, might be planning to switch in the upcoming year. Why not post a comment on 30th April to thank Nokia for giving such beautiful beast to us? If you are/were happy with this phone, please do this. Thanks.

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                            • Jossi
                            • Nu6
                            • 25 Apr 2021

                            RishiGuru, 17 Apr 2021Every phone has issues. Unfortunately Nokia 7 Plus have som... moreYour are not saying the reality with the phone.
                            The phone is very well optimised and its battery is still okay after years of usage.
                            Excellent browsing and good quality built. A lot of super qualities with the phone.

                            Note that every manufacturers have their peculiar issues.

                              I have been using this phone for 3 years.
                              Battery is still ok. Great phone. Only one issue - USB charging port board issue. And after USB replacement problem solved

                                Telme, 01 Apr 2021This phone has issues, I guess you never used it, the displ... moreEvery phone has issues. Unfortunately Nokia 7 Plus have some major ones. However I was lucky and my unit have just two:

                                1) The poorly optimized Android 10 software running on this mobile. Aggravates stutters and causes huge battery drain. This issue is present on all HMD made Nokia phones.

                                2) Battery drain issue even when phone is switched off. A fully charged battery will become half within 4 days while switched off. On standby mode will also last 4 days. It is as if the phone never shuts off and always consumes battery.


                                If I can look past these two above issues, Nokia 7 Plus is like a piece of gold to me. Once you lost it, near impossible to find another now. To me this phone is the most pure and the best Nokia that ever came out under HMD banner. Why do I say so?

                                Because Nokia 7 Plus is a material first led design. A pure Nokia. The body is carved out for a single block of 6000 series aluminum and six layers of ceramic feel like paint is applied to it which gives a unique look & feel in the palm while holding the device. Then a cutter is used to shave the paint on four sides by 2.75 mm to again expose the bare metal. Consecutive two layers of anodization process was then performed which gave the bare sides a unique copper like finish. This type of quality construction is long gone.

                                Inside an internal die cast metal mid-frame is then screwed internally to the metal body which reinforces the core of the device. No less than 19 screws locks the internal metal plate to this unibody gives the Nokia 7 Plus it ultimate structural integrity & durability. This is an approach to engineering that is build to last. It is this strength from inside which I believe inspires the beauty on the outside.

                                No wonder it won prestigious design awards like EISA, 2018 Best Consumer Smartphone. And also the most durable phone of the year award in 2018 from JerryRigsEverything.

                                It is also most balanced Nokia phone, the balance between design, craftsmanship, hardware specs, latest trend in terms of 18:9 dispaly, camera capability & price. I own a Nokia 7 Plus, the more eye catching white version in 4/64 GB configuration. Love this device & also my Nokia 6.1.

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                                  • Telme
                                  • fuZ
                                  • 01 Apr 2021

                                  Aj, 25 Mar 2021Bro worse is not phone but u ....i also use this and never ... moreThis phone has issues, I guess you never used it, the display freezes, battery life is not decent, and the phone gets hot. You might be a Nokia fun but lets be realistic, a lot of people use these reviews to buy a new phone. I using this phone for two years now and that is my humble review.

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                                    • 25 Mar 2021

                                    Mats, 20 Mar 2021The worse phone I have ever owned. 1. The display keep on... moreBro worse is not phone but u ....i also use this and never face any problem

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                                      • Mats
                                      • fuZ
                                      • 20 Mar 2021

                                      MoOoo, 06 Dec 2020Honestly saying.... this was the best phone I ever owned. ... moreThe worse phone I have ever owned.
                                      1. The display keep on freezing until you turn off and on the display.
                                      2. The phone gets hot when the signal gets low or gaming
                                      3. Battery life is poor, considering the size of the battery, you will hardly finish a day in a normal day uses
                                      4. Unreliable, just after 5 month of using it I had to replace the charging system.

                                      Saying all these I must appriciate its building quality, speakers are great, the picture quality exceeded my expections, I prefered using it to my samsung note 9.

                                      Nokia have to fix things, there so much complains about their smart phones

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                                        • U@B
                                        • 18 Mar 2021

                                        Kazi Masum, 26 Feb 2021I am a Bangladeshi. I am using Nokia 7 plus for 3 years. ... moreandroid 11 update also available