Nokia 8000 4G

Nokia 8000 4G

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  • Specialone

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2021Can anyone who has bought this phone tell me about the soun... moreI saw a Youtube rewiew, and he said that the sound and microphone when talking was very good. Top quality for talking.

However very bad sound quality for watching Youtube or other videos.

  • Jolads

I want it, I love it.

  • Anonymous

Can anyone who has bought this phone tell me about the sound quality?

I wish I could buy it for my mum immediately but it hasn't been put up for sale in Turkey. I asked Nokia Turkey whether we'll be able to buy it here but even they don't know anything about this. :(

  • Anonymous

Can i purchase & use it India immediately?

Use the phone now for two months as my primary. It is a nice phone and even cases are available. Works smoothly. I do not use wifi, only 4G. Battery last 3 to 5 days. I only use it for calling and messaging. WhatsApp as my main messenger and voice call is available. That's enough for me. No need to go back to a smartphone. The rest of my stuff I do from my laptop.

Regan , 07 Jun 2021Is it wifiWell, you can read the specs. It does have wifi.

  • Nick

Dual sim 4G is good - but data is at 3G Speed
gold is a fingerprint magnet
Feels very plastic, display is low quality,
phone runs smooth tho and no glitches
Kai Os, is a work in progress and texting on the old keypad is slow
Perfect for second phone to receive calls and sms on
very lightweight, camera is like from 2003

  • Regan

Is it wifi

Kwame , 23 May 2021Is it a dual sim phone. I want to use two sims for the phone Yes, it's dual sim. I use this phone more than my smartphone because of battery.

I have this phone and I must say I like it from other dumb phones/ flip phones I've used like Alcatel, Blu, Samsung, and the old Nokia. I'm an avid fan of these kind of phones, because I got tired using smartphones.

I wish Nokia increase the memory/battery life for future feature phones to accommodate KaiOS system. I notice some lagginess compared to the old OS before Android and IOS era.

I was hoping it could replace my old and good Nokia C3-00, well it's not even close..
Kai OS is slow and buggy, the phone takes screenshots while in pocket even if it's locked and haven't figured about how to to disable that annoying feature. Also you need to have really small fingers in order hit right buttons. I have turned off bluetooth, wifi, GPS and set screen brightness to lowest, yet the battery can survive 5-7 days, 25 days was advertised. Might aswell buy another Nokia C3-00 or similar from aftermarket, the battery for those would last around 2 weeks with bluetooth turned on.

From positive side Nokia 8000 4G has Wifi, 4G and dual SIM and the size is very reasonable.

  • Elijahu

About 6 month of usage I can definitely tell you not to buy even if you are using very cheap Nokia, at least it will work a way more faster. Pro is that it has wifi, whatsapp and browser that laggs every time. writting a two word message takes you the same time as an essay. My Nokia 8000 4G looks like perfect, unless you try to use it. 120 Dollars wasted, nothing more.

  • Marshall

Can affeccionados like me have it to buy in BĂ©nin?

  • Chief

Freddy Holland, 21 Apr 2021My alarm clock is not ringing at all or at different times ... moreYes it's buggy, you can't rely on the alarm.

  • Nokia Asha

Bring back Asha series.

  • Kwame

Is it a dual sim phone. I want to use two sims for the phone

  • Ahmed

Toro, 11 May 2021Can anyone tell how is web browsing experience on this cell... moreIt's not designed for heavy browsing, just basic sites. UC browser is the same

  • h

Call recording?

  • Tom Hughes

Very poor battery life (35 hours). Often locks up and requires re-boot. Painfully slow browser and dificult to use for texting. A very disapointing purchase and I have since replaced it.