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  • Mado of Egypt

Symbian OS is really amazing,very simple,very stable and you get every thing from it.I wish Nokia keep to Symbian for ever
But I don`t know why Nokia is very preservative in specifications of Symbian phones.the highest symbian phone has 360x640 screen,4" and 1.3 GH processor.imagine the n 808 has HD screen 4.5" , 1.5 dual core processor or more and double battary capacity,wouldn`t it be the perfect phone ever(although it is already amazing)

  • Carol

Haris, 20 Nov 2012Off-course I've updated my phone to FP2 at 1st day.. I didn't us... moreWhat do you like to have, a working phone or a HD games list? I sugest you to do the steps i toled you to do, yes, you will lose everythin you have installed, but nokia store has the list of them all. Enter in 'my stuff' (the head near the search button) then all downloads, there you heave all your downloads. If i were you, my phone would have been already formatted and half of apps already installed, if not all. :).

  • Anonymous

AnonD-78201, 18 Nov 2012hi friends, ever since this phone has been announced, i have bee... moreCongratulation man for following your heart.

  • AnonD-2665

my gallery is hanging since this morning :( I ve restarted phone many times but still same

  • Haris

AnonD-2665, 20 Nov 2012i know this is possible! Have u updated ur phone? There is also ... moreOff-course I've updated my phone to FP2 at 1st day.. I didn't use FP1 for even once, thats why I don't know the differences..

Thanks all u guys for your replies...

And thanks David I'm using Opera Mobile, Mini & even for Desktop for more than 3 years, & yes that is really good and fast..
I'm looking for satellite view of India that is not available in Nokia maps other I'm completely agree with you David Nokia map is best... thanks for the link wty...

I wanna ask that if I'll reset my phone using codes then what will happen with my apps & games, will they remain or I need install them again... what about paid apps... do I'll need to buy them again or nokia account will remember that list...

I'm using nokia from beginning (1. Nokia 3500 classic, 2. Nokia 3550, 3. Nokia 808) I've never owned any other smartphone other than Nokia... so please guys don't think that I'm just criticizing Nokia... Whatever I shared with you people that is my own experience with this device...

Now I'm sure there is some issue with Nokia Store because today I got an update (24K) for nokia store, after installing I started Store & that's it, screen goes blank & device is completely hanged, I leave it for 30 min as it is.. but nothing happened, then I remove battery & started it again... and it happens only on 3G network not with Wi-Fi...

I can try to reinstall the firmware, formating memories, But don't want to do that because I've downloaded lots of HD games that need to be reinstalled again I think...

  • David

Haris, 19 Nov 2012I bought my Nokia 808 3 days before in 25K in Delhi. No doubt... moreHi,
I am surprised that this phone hangs for you.
Also, why u need Google Maps? U already have NOKIA MAPS which is the best map service available.
I suggest you to use "Opera Web browser" .. that will give u very fast browsing experience..
With respect to apps & games, please find the below link:­talled-on-my-nokia-808-pureview/

I hope my reply helps u..

  • 007

Hei i use this phone now. Its good and better video quality. Its camera is so amezing. Price: rs. 38,600

  • AnonD-2665

Haris, 19 Nov 2012Thanks bigbite... But man I'm telling you my one got hanged m... morei know this is possible! Have u updated ur phone? There is also an update for nokia store, use 'app stop' to kill unnecessary background tasks! Agree about battery life, it is short!

  • bigbite87

Haris, 19 Nov 2012Thanks bigbite... But man I'm telling you my one got hanged m... moremy phone gets fully charged in just 2hours even if I use it and it could last a day and half or two of heavy usage... it's pretty darn fast and smooth, I had no major issues such as crashing of apps, freezing,; and switching camera modes is not a problem.. No lags at all even when I use the whole 38 megapixels.. The native browser may not be fast at all times but if you have a good coverage man it's way faster than you would expect. And what really amazed is that I can download videos as large as 1.3gb in less than an hour... I haven't tried using google maps yet even the time I use my c7 cause I'm good enough with nokia maps...
I believe that when you purchase a product you do usually get several days of replacement to check it.. you should have asked for a replacement since your having problems with it.. By the way it's not possible to use the front camera for taking pictures cause that's mainly for video calling only unless further updates would allow us to do so.. :)

  • Caesar

Another thing I forgot to mention, the in-ear headphones that come together with the 808 is a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than those which came with N8.

The audio output on 808 is much better than on N8 (which was already much better than any Android phone, but close to the Cirrus Logic iPhone 4S).

Im still in love with my 808. :)

  • Carol

Haris, 19 Nov 2012I bought my Nokia 808 3 days before in 25K in Delhi. No doubt... morePlease before posting search this forums there was written allot of times what should you do when this happens. I tell you, and maybe will come more saying the same. But i will tell you so maybe you will tell to others. What ever problem you have after updating you can "repair" it very easy. Just format your mass storage and bring your phone to factory settings then reinstall the system. If you don't know how:
1. Enter files/long press mass mem then hit format

2.hit *#7370#, will ask for security code (if you have one) give your security code, accept everything then the phone will restart, and will remain to just "NOKIA" for a couple of minutes (in this period the phone is formatting and rewriting the original apps). After all, delete the folder containing your firmware in your pc presuming you have win7 the files are ex: C:\Users\Ray\AppData\Local\Nokia\NSU3\NOSSU2\var­iants\Products\rm-596

or this C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Nokia Suite\NOSSU2\variants\Products\rm-596

This are hidden paths you need to activate show hidden files, folders and drives from folder option/view

After all is done, phone restarted and everything is formatted, plug the phone into usb, open Nokia suite and hit reinstall firmware. See if this problems are persisting. Remember to backup first the important files. Never backup apps or settings

  • Carol

sanbin24, 18 Nov 2012i think finally Elop is gonna sell Nokia to microsoft. Every ot... moreAll the phones from the market are the same...S3 was 680 euro when was released, now is 480 euro. And this applies to all manufactures. This is the market! I don't think Nokia will ever sell it self to Microsoft. Nokia has power. The problem was that they had to many factory's and most of them were in Europe. Which is normal minding the fact that they were selling phones like cakes. BUUT... problem came when they stopped selling so many devices and allot of factory's were consuming money. In which case Nokia was forced to cut the looses. Nokia was the only phone that was not made in china. Now is something other, unfortunately was forced to go to China. Minding the fact that all it's competitors are there and were attacking from there affording to wait to sell their crapps, cause waiting was cheaper then selling:)) (joke). Nokia could not do that. Another but is that: what goes up must come down..... then up again. This is marketing. And Nokia is taking it's problems quite good. They still push innovations and quality even though they are made in china now...

  • Haris

bigbite87, 19 Nov 2012I am currently charging my phone and i tried opening the store v... moreThanks bigbite...

But man I'm telling you my one got hanged more than half dozen time in 3-4 days... Even sometimes without reason... I was just scrolling home screen & suddenly screen went black... (hanged)

When I change camera still to video 1 out of 3 times camera app crashes, if you are changing it after taking some pics using still camera... then Open camera again just change it to video mode then it works other wise i've faced this issue twice back to back...

I thinks Native web browser & store has some issue becz I've experience freezing while using these two app only.

Using this phone while charging has no problem, I use it while charging often...

My brother Nokia maps doesn't provide satellite map for India... when I try to download map it says "map not found on server" that's why I'm looking for Gmap.

One more thing... Battery is also not last for Morning to evening after full charge... I just leave it connected with wi-fi, I'm using 2 e-mail widget, one social widget, 1 weather widget that uses internet that's it... and few minutes call, 25-30min store browsing & download 1 app of 18 MB... At evening it was only 10% battery left... I was just surprise with this..

I think its improving as days are going becz today it last long than before 2 days...

Any way thank for your valuable replies...

Can you tell how to access front camera to capture pics & vids without using any video calling app...

  • haris

AnonD-2665, 19 Nov 2012xplore, app stop, thanks gitty

  • bigbite87

Haris, 19 Nov 2012I bought my Nokia 808 3 days before in 25K in Delhi. No doubt... moreI am currently charging my phone and i tried opening the store via 3g and see what happened but nothing.. It's still the same; same as i had it when i bought it, it didn't freeze.. Man if you wanna search an app you try google it.. And one thing, nokia maps is far more reliable than google maps..

  • bigbite87

Haris, 19 Nov 2012I bought my Nokia 808 3 days before in 25K in Delhi. No doubt... moreman good thing my phone behave so well.. I use it a lot not just for camera and video but also for some other functionalities.. I'm impressed how fast and smooth it is even with my browsing experience and this thing hardly froze on me.. I even use while it is charging.. :)

  • AnonD-2665

Haris, 19 Nov 2012I bought my Nokia 808 3 days before in 25K in Delhi. No doubt... morexplore, app stop,

  • Haris

I bought my Nokia 808 3 days before in 25K in Delhi.

No doubt its a great camera phone. If you want to use phone for Camera & calling purpose, then there is no substitute of this.

But as my experience with this phone is not good regarding apps & other functionality.
1. Its not stable freezes at least twice in a Day. Specially if you are using Nokia Store on 3G. Today morning it happened 4 times with me back to back.
2. No google map for it, it doesn't work for FP2 at all, I tried all that tricks Data Network, Wifi or Both ...
3. No back button is annoying, to go back u have to tap then click on back.
4. I didn't find any task manager for it yet that show ram usage & service so you can terminate then individually.
5. Native web browser is very bad, hangs itself also cause the whole phone to hang. U need pull battery every time it freezes.
5. No desktop flash support.

So guys I don't hate Nokia or Symbian, but if u are looking for a phone for surfing internet, gaming, gadgets, fast & smooth UI, big battery backup then Nokia 808 is not for U.

Its my own experience about this phone

I'll recommend this phone just & just for Camera that has no match right now on the planet in Mobile phones. that's it...


Please suggest me some usefull apps for this phone, like for task killing, satellite map etc.

thanks again...

  • VIC

AnonD-78184, 19 Nov 2012thnx mate for answering my questions. I am using belly fp2 and d... moreI can assure you that Google Maps should work on your 808. Just make sure you have mobile data connection with your service provider. It doesn't work on just wifi anymore. Try another 808 with a friend of yours with Google Maps.
Also, if satellite imaging is of utmost importance to you, Nokia Maps has that covered, too. You will also need data connection for that, too. Unless, you have loaded maps you need most, you can also use it in offline.mode.
I like using Google Maps and sometimes I need it, too. But Nokia Maps is more than enough for me.
And if you really need Google Maps badly, get an Android phone. Google owns Android and you will have full access to latest Google Maps more.

  • AnonD-78184

VIC , 19 Nov 2012Google Maps still works on my 808. Actually I'm surprised it doe... morethnx mate for answering my questions. I am using belly fp2 and downloaded google maps from . In my n8 google maps working just needed to switch wifi on but now i sell that for 808 . Please tell me any solution if u know (otherwise i have to go for androids).