Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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  • jbpianist21

apparently nokia os is here to stay,
talked to a nokia consultant about this
and they said they believe so

  • Anonymous

jenny, 25 May 2012.... Could nokia 808 support Xvid and divX video codec ? ... moreyes 808 supports divx/xvid and almost all video formats

  • jim

hello friends,
please don't post garbage opinion.symbian is good because it's very user friendly os,much less ram use than 808 included all feautres that we need.

  • AnonD-44031

MdN, 27 May 2012Sorry man, everyone knows that Nokia E series equals Mercedes E ... moreI don't actually agree with your last line. The biggest problem for me is not that people are buying what they don't need, but it is that people are buying what they can't use properly.

I have seen people with iPhones who can't even load their phones with their favorite songs. I once used a cheap (~$100) Android tablet and have it greatly outperform a Galaxy Tab and SGSII in terms of features and usability. I also once used a 5800XM to beat an iPhone and iPad. Why? Because I usually get challenged by people with sub par intellect.

The biggest factor is how smart the user is when it comes to smartphones. Those who keep on bashing Symbian either: (1) have never used it and just trying to sound smart, (2) didn't manage to use it properly, so settled with another OS based on popular choice, (3) really don't know how to handle a smartphone, or (4) the phone is smarter than them.

This is an opinion board, so it should be fine to express dislike, but bashing it hard only shows how unintelligent the person is. Most of the "bashes" here are answerable with a Google search. Sour Grapes fanboys don't know how to use a search engine, but still trying to sound smart, but fail in an epic manner.

  • Anonymous

808 = Troll Magnet.

  • Deep cool

its very nice pchone

  • Anonymous

Is usb OTG in Nokia 808 able to read all types of external memory card ?

  • Anonymous

Lame symbian , only 640x360

  • Anonymous 2

Anonymous, 26 May 2012Nokia's become the out of touch old man of the phone world, or t... moreBut Nokia for me has a unique features such as " USER-FRIENDLY" a feature which u cant find in any other phone makers. Rather go for NOKIA no matter what.

  • Cake

belle fp1 is really super efficient to run 1080@30 fps video recording on a SINGLE CORE processor ever.

Anonymous, 26 May 2012Nokia's become the out of touch old man of the phone world, or t... moreSorry man, everyone knows that Nokia E series equals Mercedes E series, just compare them and people who buy them :-) As for the rest, I know, let me think, 3 Symbian users and one ex-user who is now on Android. His choice, he needs some stuff he can't get on Symbian and I'm glad for him. The other three bought their phones because they had money and simply wanted a "good phone" that's not something cheap and flimsy nor something touchy that's online 24/7 as they really have other stuff to do and, well, computers for free time and work. If they can't buy a Symbian again they'll probably go back to feature phones. As for me, I did a research before buying and Symbian has all I need and doesn't have some things I'd hate on a phone. The real problem is people buying what they don't need.

  • Dipendra

Nokia have to sign with phone with lesser capacity then nokia phones are work better then it......ovi store is worthless aginst playshop....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-5465, 26 May 2012Haters go away ! we love 808 and gonna get it whats ur problem ... moreThe problem is it is essentially a good phone but as they say "1 rotten apple can spoil the batch" and that's what Symbian is, it's the 1 thing that turns a good phone with possible widespread appeal into what every year is increasingly becoming an outdated joke, and the harder they try with Symbian the worse it makes Nokia look, and bigger companies than Nokia have gone bust lately and i don't want to see that happen.

  • AnonD-5465

Haters go away ! we love 808 and gonna get it whats ur problem go buy something else ! oh my god so frustrating watching negative comments from people dont even like the 808 from the first place !

  • Anonymous

Icer, 26 May 2012What good dos android OS have, useless ba3 back up, ba3 drains q... moreNokia's become the out of touch old man of the phone world, or to use a car analogy i'd compare them to Lexus because they very practical and reliable but boring as Hell and you only buy because it can efficently do the job and nothing more, where Androids are like Mercedes because build quality varies but people want to buy them and often you get a mad 500bhp AMG version (Galaxy S3)

  • sangaing

Nokia, please insert BELLE fp1 on several (AMOLED) users friendly handsets,
many friends are still waiting for that multiple choice answers.

  • Gerhman

AnonD-41800, 26 May 2012is this right or am going wrong ..!! Nokia tell our date right ... moreThis phone technically records a 16 times full hd and then saves it as an oversampled full hd file so next time do some research before you write garbage.

  • Gurdeep

nice phone

  • spider.

AnonD-56331, 26 May 2012Nokia have now confirmed that Symbian Carla and Donna are NOT ca... moreCarla, Donna are both major lifelines for nokia at this crucial periods.
Canceling ? how could nokia survive without them.

  • AnonD-56368

I have been using Nokia Since I started using mobile phones.
I will always backup Nokia when it comes to User friendliness and battery backup.

I'm using Nokia 5320XM. the only issue i have till date is that i use it roughly so the panels got damaged.

The total usage is nearing 1600 hours of calls and i almost use 10 hours for hearing music.