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Nokia 808 PureView

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  • AnonD-44031

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2012i think nokia is missing the trick. symbian is most powerful os ... moreThe only things that Symbian lacks are WiFi Direct and exFAT support. With those two, it'll be the perfect OS.

  • neebuhui

whill this big phone fit to pocket and what would be battery charge after taking few photos? ''

  • nokia man

again show that you have all this awesome camera phone without lots of cores running silly speeds. just one chip 1.3ghz. runs sweet.

once again. well done nokia.

  • Anonymous

best & better nokia 808 phone,but high rate..????

  • anas

nokia cheating the fans by symbian.even 1000 mp,what.

  • Anonymous

i think nokia is missing the trick. symbian is most powerful os on mobile market, it has no restrictions at all unlike windows phone 7. i love symbian but i recently owned samsung galaxy ace because symbian has no support from nokia.

  • AnonD-32581

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2012Any idea on what GPU the 808 uses? a much newer and powerfull one, even more powerfull than android,
dont know what it is called but ive seen it in the comments
it has to be a powerfull one to handle the hardware of the phone.
this is one powerfull phone...

  • rahul ck

nice phone but high rate.....

  • Anonymous

now on Nokia Sweden as "coming soon"

  • AnonD-5041

AnonD-32581, 25 Apr 2012I read this really interesting, that nokia are doing quite well.... more+ The supported languages [with dialects] (and scripts) in Symbian Belle are:

Arabic (Arabic),
Basque (Latin),
Bulgarian (Cyrillic),
Catalan (Latin),
Chinese [PRC] (Simplified Chinese),
Chinese [Hong Kong] (Traditional Chinese),
Chinese [Taiwan] (Traditional Chinese),
Croatian (Latin),
Czech (Latin),
Danish (Latin),
Dutch (Latin),
English [UK] (Latin),
English [US] (Latin),
Estonian (Latin),
Finnish (Latin),
French (Latin),
French [Canadian] (Latin),
Galician (Latin),
German (Latin),
Greek (Greek),
Hebrew (Hebrew),
Hindi (Hi),
Hungarian (Latin),
Icelandic (Latin),
Indonesian [Bahasa Indonesia] (Latin),
Italian (Latin),
Kazakh (Cyrillic),
Latvian (Latin),
Lithuanian (Latin),
Malay [Bahasa Malaysia] (Latin),
Norwegian (Latin),
Persian [Farsi] (Arabic),
Polish (Latin),
Portuguese (Latin),
Portuguese [Brazilian] (Latin),
Romanian [Romania] (Latin),
Russian (Cyrillic),
Serbian (Latin),
Slovak (Latin),
Slovene (Latin),
Spanish (Latin),
Spanish [Latin America] (Latin),
Swedish (Latin),
Tagalog [Filipino] (Latin),
Thai (Thai),
Turkish (Latin),
Ukrainian (Cyrillic),
Urdu (Arabic),
Vietnamese (Latin).

+ Symbian OS was created with three systems design principles in mind:

1. the integrity and security of user data is paramount
2. user time must not be wasted
3. all resources are scarce

+ SYMBIAN Market share and competition

In the number of "smart mobile device" sales, Symbian devices were the market leaders for 2010. Statistics showed that Symbian devices formed a 37.6% share of smart mobile devices sold, with Android having 22.7%, RIM having 16%, and Apple having 15.7% (via iOS).

Prior reports on device shipments as published in February 2010 showed that the Symbian devices formed a 47.2% share of the smart mobile devices shipped in 2009, with RIM having 20.8%, Apple having 15.1% (via iOS), Microsoft having 8.8% (via Windows CE and Windows Mobile) and Android having 4.7%. Other competitors include webOS, Qualcomm's BREW, SavaJe, Linux and MontaVista Software.

Symbian has lost market share over the years as the market has dramatically grown, with new competing platforms entering the market, though it's sales have increased during the same timeframe. E.g., although Symbian's share of the global smartphone market dropped from 52.4% in 2008 to 47.2% in 2009, shipments of Symbian devices grew 4.8%, from 74.9 million units to 78.5 million units. From Q2 2009 to Q2 2010, shipments of Symbian devices grew 41.5%, by 8.0 million units, from 19,178,910 units to 27,129,340; compared to an increase of 9.6 million units for Android, 3.3 million units for RIM, and 3.2 million units for Apple. In 2006, Symbian had 73% of the smartphone market, compared with 22.1% of the market in the second quarter of 2011. Over the course of 20092011, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, and Sony Ericsson announced their withdrawal from Symbian in favour of alternative platforms including Google's Android, Microsoft's Windows Phone, and Samsung's bada.

Q2 2009 to Q2 2010, shipments of Symbian devices grew 41.5%, by 8.0 million units, from 19,178,910 units to 27,129,340.

+ Let's just make conservative estimates that even if half of these devices never sold, then that is still 20% of the market share, or roughly 13,000,000 units (13 Million units).

+ Now compare:

+ Windows Phone

+ Windows Phone Market share

According to Gartner, 1.7 million smartphones using a Microsoft mobile OS were sold world wide in the second quarter of 2011, for a 1.6% market share. In the third quarter of 2011, Microsoft's world wide market share dropped slightly to 1.5%. In the fourth quarter however market share increased to 1.9%. However it should be noted that such reports include both Windows Phone and Windows Mobile marketshare under the same "Microsoft mobile OS" banner, and do not make the distinction of separating the marketshare values of the two.
Studies carried out by Nielsen Company indicated that in the US, WP7 had a smart phone market share of 1% each in the periods March to May, and May to July 2011. For Q3 2011, Nielsen reported a US market share of 1.2% for WP7, which rose to 1.4% in Q4 2011.

+ Conclusion:

+ So essentially Nokia threw out their SYMBIAN 41.5% (about 27 Million) market share or conservative 20% market share (about 13 Million) in favor of WINDOWS PHONE 1.9% market share (about 2 Million).

+ So... which is the REAL BURNING PLATFORM? Which operating system is REALLY the DEAD operating system? Who rescued who? Did Microsoft Windows Phone platform rescue Nokia or was it the other way around, Nokia rescued Microsoft Windows Phone platform?

+ After the burning platform memo, killing off SYMBIAN, now what do you think the remaining SYMBIAN 20% market share (about 13 Million) will do? Suddenly embrace WINDOWS PHONE? Even WINDOWS PHONE 8? Or will they eventually migrate to iOS, BB10 or Android?

(All data taken from Wikipedia)

  • Alex

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2012Never understand why they insist on keeping this 640x360 resolut... morethat's why nokia still No.1...because noone buying their phones:))...and the screen resolution is not a this dimension it is not noticeble...if the color is strong...:)

  • anasvt

have a cheating nokia by symbian belle ? my N8 is update,then very slowly working !

  • Anonymous

Any idea on what GPU the 808 uses?

  • Anonymous

Nokia 808 Pureview the winner of 2012 TIPA Awards,best imaging innovation­04/25/nokin_kiitetty_kamerapuhelin_voitti_tipa-p­alkinnon

  • AnonD-42264

Display Screen Nokia 808 pureview same as Nokia E7. I use E7 about 6 month.Screen display awesome.....waiting for Nokia 808 pureview....

  • Anonymous

seems like a great phone. nice design won't be a loser

  • Anonymous

Any idea on call records? I want one but I don't want to be disappointed again after my N8 that couldn't keep call records longer than 30 days...

  • AnonD-32581

AnonD-5041, 24 Apr 2012Paging Truth Police: One Last Time - the Reality of Nokia when C... moreI read this really interesting, that nokia are doing quite well....
and the symbian os is not dead at all....
nokia were not doing well in the us....
long before apple came on the scene....

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]My personal feeling for that company,maybe moore talk about this excellent phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Apr 2012Samsung is trying to build a android-based camera http://www.en... moreAnd why the hell would this news be interesting to anyone here??? And btw Samsung produces crappy digital cameras (Not a Samsung hater, I think they have some very good phones, but bad cameras).