Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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  • sam

i am waiting for this awesome phone which can beat samsung galaxy s2,apple iphone 4s,and htc sensation xe and it has come.i love it.

  • Anonymous

i never ever imagined ill buy another symbian device looks like i need to get this.

  • Anonymous

amazing phone.a perfect fit to me,i just use twitter,facebook,make calls and take pics on my happy with this.i dont need quadcore or dualcore just to play games.ill better get a ps vita if i want to play games.

  • James

Good product development Nokia.
It demonstrates that with a decent os (if not always perfect), a good device can be generated from current hardware.
Why do you need a quad core for in a mobile. It will never help you make a call faster or photos or videos.
Games! Who cares about games, or rubbish apps.

  • Anon

Anyone know or have a general idea of how much these are going to cost in NZD or AUS currency?

  • mukesh anjan

plz tell me his handset price ???

realy in 41 mp camera plz tell me???????

  • AnonD-44031

[deleted post]What currency?
This is rumored to cost around $600, 465EUR, Php28,000, 2,300SR...

That is for the countries the currencies represent. But just take this lightly. This phone may cost more or less. :)

  • Anonymous

does anybody knows the price of this phone?????

  • abhi

i cant v-live 41MP camra it gonna be first fon that have 41MP camra.

  • mussiexxx

going to be my next mobile 808 pureview

  • Rony

Hey. Its seems a good phone. But the design is not that great. secondly,the price factor. it will nt be less then 30k. Also it could be much better if nokia put 808 under N or E series.

  • andzboy

Ultimate Phone Camera Ever!!! Historical ;)

  • jk


  • Anonymous

This is a milestone device...

  • badshah

this mobile is awsome...i like it v much

  • Sldp_21

why is it on symbian?

  • prithvinokia

Great Nokia.....n808 beat other company phone...

  • AnonD-44031

AnonD-44744, 11 Mar 2012Will this get WiFi Direct when Carla is released? I really want ... moreSorry, I don't know.
I am hoping for this as well. :)

  • AnonD-44744

AnonD-44031, 10 Mar 2012For those who are ranting about the phone's processor, think abo... moreWill this get WiFi Direct when Carla is released? I really want WiFi Direct because the Bluetooth is 3.0 with no High Speed