Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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  • Gerhman

The nHD screen is actually brilliant because it is a Nokia AMOLED CBD (Clear Black Display) that produces the best contrast meaning vibrant colors, low light reflection and is very light on power. The images it produces is just plain stunning. It looks much better than Apple's "Retina", it just doesn't sound that good because it isn't a stupid gimmick.

  • Pride super owner

The phone is some kind of a miracle. Soon I will use the great cam device every day.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2012it looks hilarious, nHd screen is terrible. had you used the phone to tell nhd is bad,its pentile matrix curved amoled display with nokia clear black technology.

  • richie

this phone will give nokia thier biggest loss......who the hell will use a 41MP of camera for a phone? samsung created the galaxy beam! nokia is increasing the pixels of the camera just to impress people which is primitive already

  • nicky santoro

when nokia 808 is released i'll buy it to use as a camera in the first place.

  • Anonymous

it looks hilarious, nHd screen is terrible.

  • Anonymous

Brian, 08 Mar 2012My Android phone dies faster than a black guy in a horror movie... joke of the,,hmmmm we may said it is a fact as well :-)

  • Anonymous

i will get dis fone no matter wat

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2012No divx/xvid support? Why?thats a conspiracy spec info from happens a lot to nokia phone here

symbian^3 and newer version support divx/xvid out of the box

  • Anonymous

nerdy nerd, 09 Mar 20121400 mAh battery??? with a 41Mp camera... wuz up with the batter... morewell that explain how u call yourself... :D

  • Anonymous

jasonvijay, 09 Mar 2012I wonder why nokia phones don't come with hotspots? It's a big l... morewhat are talking about?!?!?!

guess u never use any nokia phone

hotspot feature already there since s60v3, long before android was born

  • AnonD-12379

Ghost, 10 Mar 2012Why people using 8 core processors and 8gb ram and 2 gb graphics... moreYou are right windows 7 is same like android .Both need high specs to work as fast as symbian works on low specs .I have Nokia N70 works on symbian s60 v2(50 Mb ram , 200Mhz , single core ,bought in 2008 , still works & looks like new )& Dell inspiron 15R Laptop (2.3 GHz , quad core ,1gb nvidia graphic card ,4Gb ram , windows 7 home premium 64bit plus many more) .But Believe or not i use N70 for Net surfing & Dell 15R for other uses like gaming or multimedia .Also i post this opinion by N70 .

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

one proud nokia 808 owner-to-be here soon........ totally love this. I know i will be enjoying this phone especially the camera.

  • Anonymous

Ghost, 10 Mar 2012Windows 98 does not require multicore processors and graphics ca... moreSo youre still here,already bored with your phone and are dying to get quad core?,and when you eventually get It you soon get bored with that too and we will see you in another forum ranting down on another phone.

  • samtek

This is a must have device for me and maybe other nokia lover, i just hope that the price would nt be raised too high...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-45712, 09 Mar 2012I have used Iphone,GS2,and N8 I experinced that N8 is best I hop... moreall that matters is the performance not the specs,nokia always thinks in its unique way to manufacture its nokia retained its speciality by announcing 808 just think of 42 megapixel camera. its amazing!!

  • aryan

No great display no great ram no processor everything is to old aged exept camera
A real waste of money..

  • Booster

Nokia it is not all about the camera please try to improve the OS so u can beat IOS and android this is the only point of failure in Nokia devices right now, user need more flexible applications like IOS the OVI store comparing to the other market is the last one, knowing well that i adore Nokia and symbian from long time ago but now i am so disappointed from the OS except that i respect the shape performance and hardware

  • AnonD-44456

Ghost, 10 Mar 2012I think you see only opera mini or uc browser in an android.and ... moreIt is like mac and windows. Are all their applications can be used in each of them? Not really unless after some tweaks. That's are the reasons behind it.