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Nokia 808 PureView

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  • AnonD-44456

Ghost, 10 Mar 2012Windows 98 does not require multicore processors and graphi... moreIn win98 era, the applications are not as complex as today so it is incomparable that's why it does not need dual or quad core processor like win7.
For Belle, it runs almost similar application with android smoothly (even multitasking) yet just with a single CPU...

  • Anonymous

i want android in nokia........

  • AnonD-44031

For those who are ranting about the phone's processor, think about this: The device used in the MWC was just a prototype. What if this is not the final specs?

Look at this info:

What if they really did put a dual-core processor in this?

Belle/Carla are rumored to not have support for dual-core processors. But what if they release the next OS with this, then configuring this phone's OS to enable the usage of the second core?

One can speculate, but this is Nokia.

  • Nataku

[deleted post]well said

  • passingby

While reading through the comments, there's many people comparing phones. So, I wanted to do it too.. Here's the thing, my friend bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo and my cousin bought a Samsung Galaxy Note. While comparing both and everything is at default, the Galaxy Note has a small lag when sliding through the application and the Xperia Neo worked smoothly. So, in conclusion, when comparing specs it may be better, but, while trying it in real life is a different thing. SO DON'T TRY TO UNDERMINE OTHER PHONES! TRY IT BEFORE YOU DO!

  • Anonymous

is that right? 14 mp for a phone is kind amazing. omg!

  • Ghost

AnonD-44227, 09 Mar 2012android requires high specs to be able to run smoothly/prop... moreWindows 98 does not require multicore processors and graphics card.but windows 7 want 98 is symbian and 7 is got it?

  • Ghost

AnonD-12379, 09 Mar 2012Wake up ,android needs 4Ghz 8 core 25000 Mhz battery 6 ... moreWhy people using 8 core processors and 8gb ram and 2 gb graphics card in windows 7 pc?does it mean windows 7 is unstable or for fancy works?android is like windows 7 it is hunger to perform faster and faster.i think android quad cores are not expensive as this brick.

  • Anonymous

wow!!!!!! i want it now!!!!!!!

  • crapple

Nikon has claimed that it's not worried
by the new Nokia 808 Pureview
smartphone, which features a 41
million pixel camera and Carl Zeiss
lens, instead claiming that it is still
growing in a shrinking market.
Speaking to TechRadar, Jeremy Gilbert,
UK marketing manager for Nikon UK,
said "As long as people come into
photography, then that's all that
"We're not thinking too hard about it, if
we started worrying what the mobile
phone industry was doing then that
would complicate matters."
Last year, the Nikon Coolpix S3100 was
the best-selling compact camera in
Europe, while earlier in the year James
Loader, product manager for Coolpix
claimed that Nikon had yet to feel the
bite from the rise of smartphones.
The news comes after it was revealed
that compact camera sales were down
30% in 2011, when compared with
"We're still growing in a declining
market," Gilbert said, "We're still
building our proportion of the market."
Gilbert also said that Nikon was the
top-seller of compact cameras during
February 2012, knocking the previous
leader, Fuji, off the top spot.
"Our L series [Nikon's budget range] is
doing extremely well, and we have
worked hard to get a much broader
variety of cameras in supermarkets to
increase distribution."
He joked that he'd like to see a head-
to-head between the Nokia Pureview
cameraphone and one of Nikon's

  • AnonD-44227

Ghost, 09 Mar 2012Camera is hot in this model.ok but do you think left is ok?... moreandroid requires high specs to be able to run smoothly/properly its because its an inefficiently designed OS, mainly because its rather new, especially when compared to Symbian; we can use the same apps on Belle that you use on Gingerbread/ICS without issue so what does that tell you about androids inefficiency?

my N8 with 680mhz and 256mb ram can run Belle smoothly the 808 has 2X (double) the N8s specs which is more than enough for Belle far more its overkill what that means though is the 808 is able to upgrade to future iterations of Symbian without any worry

  • AnonD-44227

mvrck, 09 Mar 2012why is nokia going back to stone age when it comes to battery..?because their stone age battery lasts longer than your android device

  • Aikon

If Nokia wants to return to its former glory it has to create a revolution not evolve. Ok here it created a hype with 41MP but for what? Cameras are not the issue for smart phones anymore. They have the chance now as Apple have stalled too. Its evident that the saturation point has been reached.We have to admit it that the "new iPad" is not what was expected. Only a small evolution from the previous one. I do not know what the next generation iPhone will be but i believe Nokia has to act now. Personally the worst decision that Nokia have taken is to create a partnership with Micro$oft. Well only time will prove me and many others right about this stupid decision. IF Nokia wont take the chance now and create the impact needed, its going to be doomed .... and fast.

  • AnonD-44737

[deleted post]wht performance u need tell us then we think dual core need or not

  • Rana Mudasir

its very good and its camera is awesome but other things a similar to other high tec cell phones..

  • AnonD-12379

[deleted post]Wake up ,android needs 4Ghz 8 core 25000 Mhz battery 6 Gb ram & 5 more years to have a 41 MP CAMERA . While belle only 1.3 single core 512 ram to use a 41 MP CAMERA .

  • AnonD-5041

[deleted post]

Online retailer Unlocked Mobiles outed the Nokia 808 Pureview release date and price after making the phone available for pre-order on its website.

According to Unlocked Mobiles the Nokia 808 Pureview is set to land in the UK on 23 April and will rock a high-end price tag of £464.98.

The 808 Pureview is a well equipped phone with a 1.3GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and that huge 41MP camera which is capable of capturing 1080p video.

  • AnonD-5041

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2012i have 1TB portable hard disk? will 808 support it? does n8... more

The USB OTG on the Nokia N8 shows that it supports and make USB sticks, Samsung external HDD 1.5TB, SSD, N900, E72, and other devices to its slaves. Yes, these devices are slave usb mass storage devices that when you attached on N8 then it will be read. You can then play media files like DivX or Xvid video formats, copy and paste and more. So enjoy the 9minutes video all about the new multimedia features of a smartphone only on Nokia N8.

  • AnonD-44737

[deleted post]go to galaxy forum why shout here.

  • Jin kazama

one question why is the phone called 808 ??