Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView

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  • Anonymous

from this site..i can see so many peoples are jealous of this phone already..although its only i m pretty sure this will be the best phone ever..

  • dayanand

you know today i just sold my nokia N8 to buy nokia808

  • Razzaque

41 megapixel doesnt mean anything ,, Canon 5DMarkII at 24 megapixels ,, or Canon 1DX at 18 megapixels will beat a cell phone cam anyday ,, may it be a 200megapixel camera.

Phil, 01 Mar 2012Photos doesnt portray it has secondary camera. Nokia pages sugge... moreAs I know, there are no 48 GB of memory cards.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The pictures will be so large that you will never see the pixels

  • abidu

any body can tell me that how to make video call in my nokia n8? whether its possible to do??

  • Anonymous

This is a superb phone....excellente! Gorgeous! Amazing! Nokia! my phone to be when this is out.

  • Loyal Nokia

My next phone for sure after my N8!
Nokia should've increase the battery more like the lumia 900 which is around 1800mAh, 1400mAh is nothing especially it has bigger screen, processor, more pixels...

  • Anonymous

i do not need 100 000 rubbish app.from android market,i can download 20 the most important app.for me from nokia store free,so 808 is best for me and nokia is best phone maker

  • pat

its awesome

  • Anonyms

Anonymous, 29 Feb 201241 megapixel doesnt mean anything ,, Canon 5DMarkII at 24 megapi... morePls stop comparing.think first before you comment.a camera and a phone camera are different in many ways,views and that does not connect at all.What we are looking here in this forum is a phone camera,which an outstanding milestone made by nokia a great inventor. i bet many phone manufacturer now,have headaches on how to beat this beast.cheers to nokia.

  • Phil

Photos doesnt portray it has secondary camera. Nokia pages suggest that this Mobile supports 48GB external MicroSD

  • BrandonIdol2012

How much the price in Indonesia?

  • Pixar

san, 01 Mar 201241 MP..... megapixels increase the size of photo, not the quality...This is an most stupidiest comment I have ever seen that "megapixel increases size, not quality" :D Are you mad? Listen buddy I am a professional photographer "not a nokia fan" but I admire this phone because this is something out of the world. This phone will start a new era for camera phones. I have my DSLR for my proffesional use and also having Sony Ericsson Satio (12MP) but I think its time to say "Bye Bye Satio, I will Miss you"

  • cool

THE ENIGMA , 01 Mar 2012what will u do with 41mp camera better buy a DSLR its gives a be... morecould you fit your DSLR into your pocket ?

  • sony

what is this actually.are they making camera or cellphones.its idiotic to have pics in size of gb.

  • Monzu BD

THE ENIGMA , 01 Mar 2012what will u do with 41mp camera better buy a DSLR its gives a be... moreSee, the thing is, I have a Nikon D90 DSLR but I don't carry it everywhere I go. I do, however, carry my Nokia N8 all the time with which I can actually take pictures and print/share/upload. Can't remember which famous photographer said it, he said, "The best camera is the one that is with you". So my N8 is more useful to me than my Nikon D90. isn't it?

  • AnonD-9625

I dont understand why always there is a brand war.i mean guys chill out and enjoy the technology that we all crave for.personally i was never a nokia fan,but i have to admit you gotta apperciate people for achieving great technology.
nokia is great for their camphone n8 now pureview 808.great build phones.cons:nokia belle is a complete rip off android,but then again whats the harm in getting whats great.lack of"quality"apps.weak hardware.

Droid manufactures like samsung,htc,motorola creates great looking devices,jaw dropping performance n specs,and they also give us quality cams.all rounder i have to say.n great apps too.cons:steep system requirement of android.

ios devies great desigined phones.good hardware.excellent sofware which is enhanced to run perfectly.greatest apps(who doesnt want to show off infinity blade 2).cons:steep flexibility in the os.

everyone one have ups and down.

  • rohan

why the nokia launch new android phone ?
Nokia 808 is good phone but the screen is not good pls improve the processer like dual core,quad core. The gpu is also low . ovar all the phone is vest Best 4 photography not the smart phone like galaxy s2 ,i phone,htc one x.

  • Anonymous

the nokia 808 pure view phone shocked me.just like what k.armstrong did in 1969 in the moon.big step for nokia.