Nokia 8210

Nokia 8210

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  • Yordan Kirashki


  • emil

kako si emi

  • Ben Laden

This phone is smaller than a bomb. Easier to use, easier to handle, but i prefer my satellite phone.

  • Jeppe

I hade a Nokia 8210 for two weeks and it had 3 problems! 1.The display shut off all the time when the phone was on, lights only on. 2.SMS messages are 160 charters long but in Nokia 8210 it was only 60! 3.The battery lasted only one day! I returned the phone after two weeks and got my money back. Not a god Phone!

  • badica alexandru

is very good

  • Anonymous

if somebody wants to give me this phone , please write me on my e-mail...

  • bassem

it is wounderfull mobile but i guess it has many proplems with its battery
and it vibrattion when you use a lot

  • Rusu Vasile

Nokia 8210 is the best.Please give me your services. Thanks you.

  • Anonymous

panasonic gd75 is much better !

  • Yavor Milchev

Nothig could be better!!!

  • Valentin Boboc

It is very good!


i have this phone since one year and i can tell you the first time i used it i fll in love with it now i can tell you that it is not the case ... IT IS A REALLY BAD PHONE TOO SENSIBLE IT BROKES IN NO TIME and it has the bad thing that all the nakias have : TOO LITLE SCREEN !!!
i am gonna change this phone for a siemens ME45 men look at other phones because nokia begin to sucks ...

  • stelios

very nice mobile. How much does it cost?

  • BGT

this is one of the best phone in terms of weight and design that nokia has came out with..... overall a very good n practical phone.....

  • Bobo da toto

Kopo ili ytuyt badu ghandu bada doodoo go dodo ande gooso ande ducko.

  • Anonymous

bottom fone

  • stew

top fone

  • 8210 SUCKS

this phone is absolutely shit!

  • agnes shinta

i wanna buy it

  • yanuar_s

Seronoknya guna 8210 koyo Kontol tengah Ngaceng.