Nokia 8210

Nokia 8210

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  • yanuar_s

8210 wow hp terbaik yang pernah kupunya dan kalo yang amps daku gunakan saudara kembarnya 8260

  • caff

This phone have many problems.....screen collapse all the time....sometimes nothing shown up on screen........

  • boan



eric tabo bumili ka na lang ng walkie talkie, arthem ipasok mo sa pwet mo ang cell phone mo, levesky bakla ka pa rin, ellie kumuha ka na lang ng land line hindi ka naman kasi marunong gumamit ng cell mo.


MGA PUTANG INA KAYONG LAHAT! Puro kayo mga indonesians na putang inang mababaho ang kili-kili!!!


after seeing the nokia 8210, you feel like a little girl going inside a ice cream parlor, but once you licked the ice cream you feel like buying a yogurt instead.

  • gregory young

I am very intrested in this celluar phone and im seaking prices on the Nokia 8210,8890 phones

thank you ;

  • Desmond

He just likes my name and mail, and uses them instead of me .So I'll repeat myself:
By toy or jewellery I meand exactly toy or jewellery. Yes you can love it and hug it, but it remains a toy, not a phone!

  • Desmond

What I meant by jewellery or toy is something that you really love. This is just ... the best.

  • Desmond

Hey people - this ain't a phone. It's a piecece of jewellery or a toy, but not a phone...

  • Kutu KL

I just got 8250 but sure I'll miss this phone.

  • mahriduS

Yes .... I agree

  • Sudirham

Nokia 8210 is perfect
It's the best for Nokia and the other tipe
of all cellular phone.

  • biolator

Hisyyyy .... nak beli yg ni punnn dah separoh mati kome nyimpan duit!

  • manik

this is a slim sexy and a lite weight beauty by nokia

  • adil fadli

bodo amat ama lo pade, yg penting 8210 tetep pilihanku

  • wuttipon

i want to know anything of mobile Please tell me at my email
( every brand and every series )

  • doneth

Jon, selamat yoo, HP mu saiki wis Apik ee. Piyee, wis mari urung HP ne

  • ade

Eyin Agborodun,

Mo sese ra phone yi ni, mio ti eti mu dele, sugbon bi mo se ka awon ipere won yi, odabi wipe phone 8210 ko ni sise dada bi mo ti ro o.

Olorun a ko'wa yo ninu eyi ta kosi yio o. Nibo l'ama gbegba bayi

  • egon

egon ma satsin sule kiria