Nokia 8210

Nokia 8210

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  • egon

egon ma satsin sule kiria

  • mikey

Small and light, however reception is not great, and these are prone to hardware problems, four months old and at times won't read sim on startup. I've sold mine, gone back to motorola.

  • tosser

does anybody know why nokia make phones so small for contract tariffs???--well il tell you its so they are easier to loose and guess what?? If your not insured then you only have to pay 890

  • Abner

in my opinion the 8210 is probably one of the best mobile phones in the world. The size and features speak for themselves. You really get your money's worth with this product.

  • antu_raye

Baru beli 16.12.2000. Kalau tau beli 8250, lagi best.

  • Rowan

I'm a lucky owner of a 8210. I think it looks great and afcourse it's supersmall. The best phone i'd ever had.

  • Derek Wong

It is amazingly small and is currently the top selling phone in Hong Kong. However, compared to the Ericcson T18s, its battery does not last as long nor is its reception as good.