Nokia 8600 Luna

Nokia 8600 Luna

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  • dizzle

im not sure what to go for. the sirocco or the luna. confused but gonna get one for my bday. hope that one of them is better than my current phone, samsung U600.

  • Anonymous

this is for people who cannot afford the sirocco..i think the concept of this phone is great, but the as with all the 8000 series phones, it is about the feel and build quality, the smoked glass display feels rather plastic, and the stainless steel back is matt finish making it not as smooth as the sirocco. the sirocco certainly FEELS alot more expensive.. lets hear peoples opinions though..

  • Achakzai

ya its nice looking.i also like this phone but now a days i dont now why nokia in this series never giving card slot and internal mamory is also to low ????????????????????

  • LUNA20099

just bought a luna a week ago, just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem with the camera lens, where it turns out to be a bit greenish?

  • Patrick Seehanach

Seyyedo : Yes, I totally agreed with you and I certianly respecrt your honest direct opinion.

Aydin : You are really right!!!

I would also say;
There is no such a perfect phone for everyone on earth. You should then consider what is suitable to you according to your own budget. The choices/options are very very big out there.

  • seyyedo

Aydin: i liked what u posted..
i agree with u 100%

  • seyyedo

Patrick Seehanach: im sorry i overreacted a little bit..hehe...but i got pissed off maan!!
the thing is ppl argue abt memory slot, 2mp camera bla blaa blaa...when all these features are available in so many other phones!!...i can understnad why they aruge?!
why they cant understand the fact that the ppl who buy this phone do NOT need 5 mp camera or memory slot....they just need a phone that looks good and works well..
lets say nokia provides all these features that they want for this phone...ofcourse then its gonna be more expensive...again ppl r gonna complain abt the price!!....ITS JUST THAT PPL CANT STOP COMPLAINING!!!
for example, have u ever seen an old business man on a motor bike?! or a young man in a limo? wudn't that be odd??
ppl just need to learn to stick to their levels and understand what they really need and what they dont
thanx for ur reply :)

  • moomineo

i agree if this phone had 3mega pixel camera and a slot for a card or large internal memory, the would be hardly any compitition to it

  • Anonymous

ya baby this phone rocks best phone it turns had when you take it out, for who, who dont get girls get this phone it will be worth it for you people lol but man this is sweet got mine today at popular electronics

  • Aydin

simply the best looking phone i ever bought. its like driving the bentley, simple is that.

  • Aydin

I just got it 3 days ago. oh my god what a beauty,if you are looking cell phone that shoulh have everything than go buy n95, if you want quality and prestigeand uniqless here it is luna 8600. people stop talking garbage about this phone. if you can not afford it than say it as it must be nice to have quality in life specialy when the life too short to live. enjoy it who can afford it

  • Louie

When will nokia will going to make a fashion phone with good MP3 player and has memory card slot??? ofcourse with good camera also and flash. that be a truly HUGE HIT!
NOKIA Please hear me.
I will buy that phone if u will release a phone like thAt

  • Anonymous

What are you all talking about 500 $? The cheapest price i could find in Romania is 1200 EUROS.

  • Patrick Seehanach

What is special about Nokia 8600 Luna? Simple, it comes with a beautiful design and it certainly attracts people who have too much money!!! Which they have right and money to pay for it!!!

  • Patrick Seehanach

I think I better stay with my Nokia 8800 Sirocco until "Nokia Aeon" comes out!!! Bloody beautiful!!! I would certainly pay just for the design!!!

  • Anonymous

What is so special about this phone? Yes, it is one of those overpriced Nokia phones. Maybe its just for status but low in function.

  • Anonymous

Nokia has really created a classic phone this time. But the phone is a bit heavy, however that is not a big problem, howvever I think 8600 would be quite expensive.

  • Patrick Seehanach

Seyyedo : I like what you have posted. Direct, clear, and make senses. However, other still have their right to post of what their think,.....indeed wrong information should not be posted as it can casue lots of people confusion. I was glad that you like 8600 Luna, enjoy it. I will certainly stay with my 8800 Sirocco for a while.
Good luck!!!

  • Ahmad Daoud

Wawwww.... its...... SIMPLY THE BEST ......even it will be expensive.

  • andy

a very sexy phone, but it'll b very overpriced!